Learn To Style The Web Pages Using CSS.

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About Course

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is about styling web pages. This means that what pages we make with help of HTML, we can style them using CSS, which means that we are deciding how the documents are being presented to the users. This is pretty easy. We are going to look at different concepts from CSS, right from scratch, and will consider some examples as well, so as to have a practical vision while we move further.

We have made this course keeping beginner students in mind. We also make sure that our students get the latest and the best. So, we are always monitoring the course. Even if you get stuck at some point in the journey to learn CSS, you can get in touch with us, and solve the problems.

Once you learn the different concepts related to CSS, you will be able to make not only web pages, but great-looking web pages.

If you are interested in learning to style web pages using CSS, this course is for you, and we are with you throughout your journey. But we want you to practice a lot about the different concepts that we are going to learn here and explore the concepts on your own as well. Gradually, with practice and understanding, you would get better at it.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Detailed and easy-to-understand notes.
  • We assume nothing (which means that we think every student as a complete beginner)
  • Once you are done learning CSS, you can make great-looking pages.
  • A practical approach.
  • A certificate of completion for the course.
  • You can go through the course, at your own pace.
  • And... A lot of love from GyaniPandit, and the instructor!

Course Content

CSS Introduction

  • Introduction to CSS

Downloading Visual Studio code

Overview of Visual Studio code


Adding CSS to HTML
Now, we are going to explore some of the different ways to add CSS to our webpage. There are three ways we can achieve this goal. The ways are inline styling, internal styling, and external styling, and we are going to explore these things one by one. Good Luck!

Whenever we are writing some CSS, in case of internal and external stylesheet, we are required to specify some selector for which we are applying the specified different CSS properties. There are some different types of selectors, that we are going to explore now, like class selector, id selector, type selector, and many others. We will explore them one by one.

Background properties
Now, we are going to explore about some background-related properties, which can help us do some different things related to background of some element. There are many things that we can do with the background of some element here, like giving some background color to the element, or some image to the background, and some other background related properties. Now we are going to explore them one by one.


Adding colors to elements

Units in css

Understanding borders

Understanding margins

Understanding Padding

Outline Properties

Box model

text related properties
Now, we are going to explore about some of the text related properties, with which we can do different things in relation to the text. For example, changing the color of the text, alignment of the text, and many other properties.

Font properties
Now, we are going to explore about some font related properties, which help us do some different things in relation to the font. There are some different things that we can do with the font, like making the text bold, or italic, or changing the font size, or the font family of some text for some element. We are going to explore some of the different things one by one.

Understanding float property

Display property

Visibility Property

Styling links

Styling tables

list related properties

Handling the overflow conditions with overflow property


Understanding the concept of opacity

Styling the navbar

!important rule


Understanding gradient

Understanding shadow properties

Transition Properties



Responsive web designing

Understanding the position property

Styling images
Now, we are going to explore some of the different things that we can do while we are styling the images. We will explore many of the different things, like putting some text on the image, adding borders etc.

Z index

Understanding flexbox

Understanding grids

Custom CSS – Variables

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