Mastering MS Excel Course Online

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About Course

This course is about Microsoft Excel, which is a very widely used software application in a wide range of industries. Having a good knowledge of MS Excel can prove to be an added advantage for your career, or your business. Once you are done with the course, you would be able to use many of the options in MS Excel.

In this MS Excel course, we are going to understand many different concepts from scratch, and we would consider simple and relatable examples, to easily understand the concepts, and implement them wherever, and whenever required.

We always make sure that all our students get the best, and the most recent things to learn, so, we are always monitoring the course, and continuously updating and improving it.

Once you are done learning MS Excel from this course, you can use a lot of options available in the Excel application, and also you can further go on to learn Advance Excel, which would allow you to use many other things, like charts, pivot tables, Macro, and much more.

This course is designed keeping beginner students in mind. So, we are not assuming any prior knowledge or experience related to MS Excel. So, anyone who is interested in learning MS Excel can take this course. All you need to have is just a good computer / mobile phone, a good internet connection, and some very basic computer knowledge to get started. We are glad to see your interest in learning MS Excel, and we are really looking forward to having you in the course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Fundamentals of MS Excel from scratch.
  • functions in MS Excel.
  • Shortcut keys.
  • Learn to use many different features in MS Excel.

Course Content

Introduction to Excel
Welcome to the course on MS excel, where we are going to learn many fundamental things about Microsoft Excel application, which is a very widely used software across different industries. This course covers many concepts from fundamental to critical, starting from saving the worksheet or aligning the text, to data validation, charts and much more.

  • Introduction to MS-excel
  • Advantages of excel
  • Why to learn MS excel
  • Launching MS Excel
  • Understanding the splash screen
  • Introduction to interface
  • Introduction to spreadsheet
  • Navigating through spreadsheets
  • Open and Close Workbook
  • Understanding different shortcut keys
  • Saving the worksheet

Font Group

Alignment group

Clipboard options

Finding and removing duplicate data

Find and replace data

Navigating through the data

Fill data

More about cells

Adding comments and notes

Insert block

Working with worksheets

Introduction to functions in Excel

Filter in MS Excel

Sorting of data


Data validation in MS Excel

Templates in MS Excel

Freeze panes and split panes

Custom view

Conditional Formatting

Adding hyperlinks to the spreadsheet

Charts in MS Excel

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