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About Course

Learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language), which is one of the building blocks in developing web pages. With HTML, we are going to learn to create web pages. On your journey to becoming a web developer, learning HTML would be the step you would be taking first. There is a lot to learn ahead, but with HTML, you would be able to create webpages.

In this course, we are going to cover the different concepts in HTML right from scratch. We are going to understand those concepts with help of different examples and will be using those different things whenever and wherever required.

We at Gyanipandit, always make sure that our students get the best and most recent things. So, we always monitor the course and continuously update and improve it. So, once you have the course, it’s yours.

After learning HTML, you are able to create web pages, and in addition to that, you are all set to learn styling the web pages (which is done using CSS). This course is designed in such a way, that you get a hands-on approach about different concepts in HTML. Also to mention, this course is made with beginner students in mind.

Hence, we are not assuming any prior knowledge or experience with the web. All you need to have is a good computer and a good internet connection. We are glad to see your interest in learning HTML and eager to see you forward in the course. All the best!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Different concepts in HTML right from scratch.
  • Learn to create web pages.

Course Content

HTML introduction
Welcome to this course on HTML (HyperText Markup Language). This video introduces us to the HTML course, and marks the beginning of our journey to learn HTML.

Downloading visual studio code for writing HTML
In this video, we are going to download an Integrated Development Environment, which is Visual Studio Code, or VSCode.

Basic structure of an HTML webpage
As the title of the video says, we are going to discuss about the basic structure of an HTML webpage.

Understanding HTML tags
The HTML elements are the building blocks of our HTML web pages. Here, we are going to have a look at many different HTML tags, which are used to do different things, like adding some heading to our webpage, adding some links, making the text bold, adding some audio, and much much more... As we move on to explore the different tags and have a look at their uses, you would become familiar with those different tags, and then use them later, while creating your own web pages.

Comments in HTML

Style attribute in HTML

Class and id attributes in HTML

HTML Project

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