Java Programming Course – Learn Java from Scratch

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About Course

We welcome you to our course on Java programming language, which is one of the most popular and very widely used programming languages in the world. Learning Java can open many doors to learning and exploring different areas, like Android App Development, Desktop App development, Distributed Applications, Web-based applications, Game development, and much more.

We would consider many different concepts related to java from scratch and will go through different practical examples so that you can understand the concepts in an easy way. We do not assume that you are already familiar with some other programming language, but any prior knowledge related to programming would be appreciated.

We hope that you would enjoy learning Java with us. Happy learning!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Java fundamental concepts
  • Practical examples
  • Object oriented programming
  • Multithreading
  • And much more…

Course Content


  • java course intro
  • Java introduction, definitions and intro to some terminologies
  • how does a java program executes
  • downloading and installing java and Intellij IDEA
  • Writing a basic java program
  • understanding first java program

Data types in Java

Operators in Java

Introduction to conditional statements

Looping in Java – for loop

Looping in Java – while loop

Looping in Java – do… while loop

Looping in Java – Program example

Looping in Java – break keyword

Looping in Java – continue keyword

String in Java

String in Java – String methods

Arrays in Java

Arrays in Java – Methods from the Arrays class

Arrays in Java – multidim array introduction

Arrays in Java – creating 2 d array

Math class Java

Methods in Java

Exception Handling in Java

StringBuilder in Java

File handling in Java

File handling in Java – Writing to the file, using FileWriter

File handling in Java – Reading from the file, using FileReader

File handling in Java – using scanner to read from the files

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming – Constructors

Object Oriented Programming – static keyword

Object Oriented Programming – access modifiers

Object Oriented Programming – Principles of object oriented programming

Principles of object oriented programming – Inheritance

Principles of object oriented programming – Types of inheritance

Principles of object oriented programming – Polymorphism

Principles of object oriented programming – data abstraction

Principles of object oriented programming – encapsulation

Object Oriented Programming – this keyword

Object Oriented Programming – abstract classes part 1 & abstract class part 2

Object Oriented Programming – super keyword

Object Oriented Programming – final keyword

Object Oriented Programming – Understanding interface

Introduction to Multithreading in Java

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