The Complete JavaScript Course

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About Course

Here, we are going to start learning many concepts related to JavaScript. This course aims at teaching you to add interactivity to web pages. Also, we are going to learn many different concepts related to JavaScript from scratch, which would help us further.

For this course, it is expected that you should at least know the basics of HTML and CSS so that we can smoothly go through many different concepts in JavaScript(since we are going to add interactivity to our web pages, we need to have some HTML and CSS as well). Otherwise, there would be many different concepts that you would learn just like any other programming language here.

We have made this course keeping the beginner students in mind. We also make sure that our students get the latest and the best. So, we are always monitoring the course.

Once you get familiar with some concepts related to JavaScript, you would be able to create interactive web pages and can do a lot more than this. But as you go through the concepts, you are required to practice a lot, to get better at the concepts, and apply them whenever and wherever required.

When you learn JavaScript, you can open doors to learning and implementing many different things, like working in the back end with JavaScript(using Node.js), creating mobile and web applications, etc.

So, this is going to be an interesting journey learning JavaScript. We are there with you while you learn JavaScript so that if you are stuck at some point in the course, you can get in touch with us so that we can help you solve the problem.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Easy introduction to programming
  • Javascript basics
  • Fundamental programming concepts.
  • Event Handling
  • Document Object Model
  • Adding interactivity to web pages.

Course Content

1 Introduction to Javascript

  • Introduction to Javascript

2 JavaScript – history and benefits

3 Installing Visual Studio Code for writing JavaScript

4 Writing our first and basic JavaScript program

5 Displaying output – different techniques

6 Understanding JavaScript program flow

7 Understanding variables

8 Reserved words and identifiers

9 Understanding Data Types

10 How to give comments in JavaScript

11 Understanding Operators in Javascript

12 Understanding Functions

13 Understanding Arrow Functions

14 How does a JavaScript program executes

15 Hoisting in JavaScript

16 shadowing in JavaScript

17 Understanding Closures

18 Objects in JavaScript

19 Decision making

20 Looping in JavaScript

21 Understanding the break and continue keywords

22 A- Understanding Strings -Introduction to strings

22 B- Finding length of a string

22 String methods in Javascript

23 Arrays in Javascript

24 Set in Javascript

25 Map in Javascript

27 Math in JavaScript

28 this keyword in JavaScript

29 querySelector javascript

30 Events in JavaScript

31 Introduction to DOM

32 A- Project

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