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About Course

In our course on Python Programming Language, you get to learn many concepts related to Python, which is one of the most popular programming languages, and an easy-to-start-with language. We have made this course keeping the beginner students in mind. So, this course gets you smoothly from the beginning to many advanced concepts in an easy and handy way.

Throughout the course, we have tried to cover the concepts in an easy way, so that you can understand and implement the concepts. You earn a certificate for completion of the course, which has lifetime validity and can be shared on various employment platforms or on your CV and resume, or some other documents.

We always want the students to learn the updated things. So, we continuously keep updating the course, so that you can have the latest technology exposure.

At last, try to get the most out of the course. Try practicing because that is what many people do to become perfect. We wish you all the best and are excited to see you ahead in the course!

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Course Content

Introduction to Python

  • Introduction to Python

Download Python

Download Visual Studio Code





Type Conversion


Taking user input in python

Conditional statements (Decision making)

Understanding Looping

Assignment expression(Walrus operator)

Understanding Strings

String & String Methods

String Formatting

Structural Pattern Matching (Match – Case Statements)

Understanding List


List Comprehension in Python

Understanding tuple

Tuple – Tuple Methods

Understanding dictionary

Dictionary Methods

Dictionary – duplicate keys are not allowed in the dictionary

Dictionary – deleting the dictionary

looping through dictionary


Understanding set

Set methods

exception handling

file handling

Math module

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming – Inheritance

Object Oriented Programming – encapsulation

Object Oriented Programming – Polymorphism

Object Oriented Programming – Access Modifiers

Object Oriented Programming – class methods

Object Oriented Programming – Static Methods

Outro – Youtube

Collections Module

Decorators in Python

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