Exact US market opening Indian standard time(IST)

US market opening time in India.

When stock market is going to open is a quite exciting thing for stock market investors as well as brokers firm. As we all knows world time format is extremely different from each other, So market opening timing is vary country wise.

Normally time difference in between USA and India is 10 hours 30 minutes, usually this time difference affected on each and everything in both countries. Here you are going to read what is exactly US market opening time according to Indian clock.

Lets see what’s actual time for US market opening in India, along with in brief get to know about US Market.

US market opening time in India

US market opening time in India.

In United states of America there are two stock markets which are very big and well reputed like as New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, As we discuss earlier time zone difference between USA and India is 10 hours 30 minutes.

So according to Indian time New York stock exchange opening time is 7 PM (IST), while NASDAC also opening on same time as 7 PM (IST)

New York stock exchange is located at new York city ,its one of the largest stock market in USA. While NASDAC is also second stock market which is globally electronic marketing place for trading securities.

Both of this US stock market is closing at 1:30 am Indian standard time(IST).

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These all the information about USA stock market opening time as per Indian clock and US commodity market opening time in India, Also their closing time mentioned here. Hope you like this information and it will helpful to you. Stay connected with us to read our technology, online business, Business ideas as well as all other topic related informative article.


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