How to Follow Up After An Interview

Procedure to Follow Up After An Interview

To get a job you have to go through various steps in that facing interview is an important task. But sometimes after the completion of the interview, you are not getting any feedback from the interviewers, actually, it can make you worried about the candidates. But if you know how to tackle this situation by getting follow-ups from interviewers, then you can get a satisfactory resolution about it.

If you don’t know about the process to get follow-up from interviewers after a long time of the interview, then no need to worry about that. In this article, you will get to know about some helpful tips or we can say guidance with the help of that you will able to get an answer by interviewers easily.

All the information you will read here can help you to get know the feedback from interviewers in a professional way as well as manners. Which can surely help you to build your confidence and professionality.

How to Follow Up After An Interview

Helpful Information About Interview Follow-Up Process.

Before moving toward our main topic here we will focus on some major points by which you can get understand about exact interview follow-up process in a professional manner.

  • You can get a follow-up by the interviewer on the same day by showing them gratitude via email. Such email should construct in a strategic way, where you should remind yourself to the next person in a professional manner.
  • The best way to get followed by interviewers is the email sending method because every time email through communication is considered in a professional manner.
  • Nowadays online and telephonic interviews are mostly going to conduct, where you face interviews in an indirect way. In this case, you can either send an email to follow up about the interview process or you can try to call them.
  • After a long time of the interview, if interviewers are not contacting you then you can send them reminder notes via email or can try to call them. Such kind of email structure will be different than normal mail, you will get to know about it in detail when we will explain that next.
  • In job interview follow-up mail, the subject is the main section where you have to write the appropriate subject lines so that the next person can get understand your exact purpose of the mail.
  • Finally, when you haven’t received any kind of positive or negative feedback from interviewers for a long duration like more than a month then you can mention a disappointed feeling in the mail. Due to that next person can feel, how much this opportunity was important for you. You should express your need and importance in that way for this specific job vacancy to the next person.
  • In case you didn’t receive any job opportunity mail from that specific company then you will need to compose a new email for that. Here the structure of such kind of mail will be different because in that case you will not able to send trail mail to the company.

The process of Follow Up After the Job Interview

1. Thanking Note

Sometimes some job opportunities can be your ambitions and dream, to achieve that you have always done hard work with full dedication. When you go to face interview for such type of job opportunities that time though the interview went enough good and impressive, then also you must have to take follow up about that interview on the same day by interviewers.

You can simply send trail mail on the same day to that specific mail that you have got by that company/organization. You can mention in the subject section, ‘Thanking Note’ as a subject line. In to main body of the email, you can show gratitude about that specific company/organization like some impressive thankful words about giving this interview attending opportunity to you. Also, you can mention how much you are excited about grabbing this opportunity so that the next person can see the seriousness in your about this job opportunity.

You may be don’t know but the human resource team gives attention to such kind of activity while they can think about you more by looking at your dedication towards job opportunities.

Let’s see some short examples of this kind of email formation so that you can get understand this concept more clearly.

How to write a follow-up email after an interview

Example 1:- Same-day interview follow-up by email

From: ————-
To: ——————–
Cc: ——————–
Subject:- Heartily thankful about given interview facing opportunity.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With honor, I Peter smith, so gladly want to express gratitude to you that because of you today I could attend the interview. This face-to-face round interview has given me the opportunity to know my strength and confidence. Also, I felt one good experience of workplace manners and ethics, honestly, I was closely feeling all of these things there during the interview. It will be a great opportunity for me if I will get a chance to work in your company. I will wait for a positive response from your side, I hope and wish you will make a decision in my favor. Thanks so much

Peter J Smith
Contact Details: —————
Date: ———————-

An example of a follow-up email after an interview

2. Reminder Note Email By Professional Manner

After facing the interview if it has been one or few weeks passed then also you haven’t received any kind of feedback from the interviewers, then you can get follow about the interview via email. Such email structure is very simple but humble and professional behavior should reflect in your mail.

Such type of mail through follow-up is one kind of process to give reminders to interviewers. But you should construct mail in simple with some tactics, so that next person will rethink about you, while they can give you a positive response. In such kind of mail, you have to express your job needs as well as curiosity like how much you are ambitious for this opportunity.

You will understand this concept in a better way, after reading the below given example;

Example 2:- Interview follow-up after one or few weeks by email.

From: ————————–
To: ————————
CC: ——————————————
Subject: Awaiting interview feedback.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I James hogg with respect to you, writing this email concerned with an interview that was held by the date of 11/03/2017. Actually, I attended the interview on the same day which I mentioned earlier here for the position of Technical Co-Ordinator. Now today’s date is 27/03/2017 so it’s been two weeks passed but up till now, I didn’t receive any kind of feedback from your side. I was eagerly waiting for your reply as my previous work experience is similar and suitable for this position. I am sure that if I will get this opportunity then I will prove myself in a productive way which will be progressive output for your company. It is my humble request that pays attention to this mail and thinks about my concerns with this opportunity. Hope I will get a positive response this time by your side, Thanks so much.

James Hogg
Contact Details: ——————-
Date:- ——————–

3. Long-Term Interview Follow Up

Possibly it can happen with some candidates who had faced interviews before one or more months and then also they haven’t received any kind of feedback from interviewers. It is so common thing it happens everywhere in the world during the employee hiring process.

There are several reasons behind keeping candidates on hold regarding their job placement. But here our topic is to get knowledge about how to get follow up in this case if you are not receiving feedback from interviewers whose interview was held before a long time.

In rare cases, such kind of follow-up can give positive results because interview feedback can go on pending there, because of some company/organization-related issue. Otherwise, there is a low chance to give a reply or take action from the next person on such kind of mail. As a job aspirant, you can either call this specific company or can send a mail. The important thing here is into both of these acts your behavior should be polite and professional so that sometimes you can get a positive result from the next authorized person.

Let’s see one example of this type of long-term interview follow-up-related email so that you will get understand this concept more clearly.

Example 3 –Long term interview follow-up by email.

From: ————–
To: —————-
Subject:- Curiously awaiting the interview feedback held before 2 months.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is John fletcher expressing heartily respect for you through this email and wants to know the feedback concerned withheld interview before 2 months. I was the one among all job aspirants who faced an interview on the date of 24/12/2015, from that day up till now I didn’t receive any kind of feedback from your side. Actually, I was so much hopeful and serious about this job opportunity while I am ready to prove myself as a skillful future employee in your company. It is my humble request through this mail that please rethink about me and if possible then try to give me one chance so that I can give my best for your company. I would like to hear from you soon, Thanks so much.

John M Fletcher
Contact Details: —————–
Date: —————————–

Note: All the person names mentioned in this article are used just for an example purpose, these names are not related to any existing person. If it is similar to anyone’s name around the world, then it will be just a coincidence.


Every time when you face any job interview that time it is essential thing to get feedback from the next authorized persons in a company like the human resource team or others. There may be different situations if you wish then you can get interview feedback on the same day or after a few days. But in all that cases this information will be so helpful for you as a reference which has given in to this article.

In this way, you have seen three types of examples about the interview follow-up process via mail with descriptive information about constructing such type of email. Somewhere this information will be helpful for you during the job interview procedure.

Hope you have well understood now how to get feedback from any company/organization after completion of the interview in a different span. Try to share this helpful information with other people so that they will get also benefits from this effective information. Thanks for being with us

Frequently asked Quiz questions about job interview follow-up process

Q. Through which medium we can get interview follow-up?

1. By email
2. By direct call to a specific company/organization.

Q. In the interview follow-up process to whom with we need to contact the company?

1. Human Resource Manager
2. Human Resource Executive
3. Hiring Authority person etc…

Q. Can we get feedback about the interview on the same day?

Ans: Yes, but the way of feedback getting process should not be forceful on hiring authority. A better way to get feedback about the interview on the same day is, to try to send them thanking note for a given chance for the interview.

Q. Is it possible to get feedback from interviewers later on within 3 months after the interview? How many possibilities are there about to receive positive feedback from them?

Ans: Yes it is possible to follow up on interview feedback after 3 months of the interview. But there are low chances about to get positive results from the hiring authority. In rare cases, job aspirants can get positive feedback from the company/organization.

Q. What is the best way to follow up interview to get feedback from interviewers?

Ans: As usual email through getting interview feedback is considered a professional way, but if you try to get feedback by sending trail mail to the next person then it can be so much more professional manner.


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