How to Stay in the Present?

How to stay in the present

Lots of times you see the people in your surrounding and you will relate this thing also that lots of people are physically present in the place but mentally they are somewhere. For example, they think about their past and what happened that time when they are in past and may think about their future but because of this, they lose the movement of their presence at that time. But it’s not good because of some reasons of your past or feature you lost the present moment that is very precious for you.

How to stay in the present

Following are some tips that help you to live in the present meaning:

  1. Focus on one thing at a time.
  2. Accept things as they are.
  3. Take a break from social media.
  4. Spend time with people who make you feel happy and fulfilled.
  5. Practice meditation, and exercise.

1. Focus on one thing at a time:

If you are working multitasking things at a time. Then avoid doing work in a multitasking way because of this you cannot focus on one thing or one work at a time your mind will divert from these lots of work and cannot concentrate on one thing and at that time you cannot focus on your present movement.

For example:-

Let’s consider that, you are making breakfast for your family and at that time you also listening to music or maybe watching some show on your mobile so what happens is you cannot concentrate on one thing you can’t make breakfast properly for your property and also listen to music properly so instead of these try to do one thing at a time first you make breakfast for your family then listen to music when you are free so doing these your work done properly.

2. Accept things as they are:

Lots of times it happens with you like you are physically present but mentally you are somewhere. for example, you are going to a party, and everybody enjoying the party but you are sitting in the corner thinking about your past memories like some negative incident is happening in your past you memorize that and regret that thing and because of this you miss your present memories you can’t enjoy that party properly. Instead of these, you have to accept your past that it is gon and just live in your present movement.

3. Spend time with people who make you happy and fulfill:

Lots of times it happens with people who they mentally disturbed and always think about their past memories or feature goals and by doing this thing they lost their present movement. If this happens to you also, then you can talk with your friends, talk with them, spend time with them share your thought maybe they gives you some solutions to you to this situation. Live in your present movement.

4. Practice Mindfulness Meditation:

Take some free time from your daily schedule and do exercise, and meditation daily by doing these you feel fresh and healthy. Along with these you can maintain a proper diet, and take proper sleep. If you get proper sleep daily then you feel fresh all day and you can concentrate on your work properly.

5. Take a break from Social Media:

Lots of times it happen that, you see social media and you start scrolling in between that you see some post like your friends are going on a trip, your friends are shopping, or someone was buying a new car and by seeing this, you start to imagine all these things, by doing these you lost your present movement at that point. so for these avoid social media for some time otherwise stop using social media for some time and start living in your present movement.

So these are some tips that are helpful for you to stay or live in your present movement, I Hope these tips are helpful for you and you apply them to how to live in the present moment.


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