What is ‘RKSV’ full form

‘RKSV’ full form

“RKSV” is the discount stock broker, In the year of 2009 they started online stock trading service. Its Mumbai based broking company whose founder was Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar and Srinivas Vishwanath so on the name of founder this company name had been set up as a ‘RKSV”.

Here letter ‘R’ for Ravi and Raghu ,Letter ‘K’ is for Kumar while letter ‘SV’ denoted Shrinivas Vishwanath, So this is the full form for ‘RKSV’.

RKSV Full Form – Ravi Kumar, Raghu Kumar and Shrinivas Viswanath

RKSV full form

RKSV full form

RKSV is reliable as well as safe brokers company like as other securities in India. They are registered with BSE,NSE ,SEBI also getting regularly audited by them. Now days This company doing  business by name as a Upstox, they are Designing as well as developing software.

‘RKSV’ – Business Information

This company provides tools for brokerage, Margin calculator, option strategy builder and order generator. In this way they provides online sharing trading applications and share market software.

In the year 2016 this broking firm had been changed their name as a Upstox. On trading platform this company receiving around 99% order through mobile and website platform, where as in 2016 this company started e-Adhar account opening system. This was the initiative  towards make service more faster, efficient and paperless.

RKSV authorized capital stands at Indian rupees 250.0 lakh, where 74.15108% is paid up capital which is Indian rupees 185.38 Lakh.

This company has registered by name RKSV Securities in Delhi registrar office. In year 2011 this broker firm opened up for the general public by entering retail brokering with trading plan, that was allowed for retail traders which was cutting down their brokerage cost.

This is the some information about RKSV  broking firm, which is genuine and reliable where you can go with them according to your need, Hope you like this information.


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