Sensibull Review – All About Options Trading Platform

Sensibull review.

In this innovative era everything going to be more smart with accuracy, so obviously if you are a business person, Then you have always try to build up perfection in to your every small task.

As we can see Stock Market trading goes so smart day by day since it comes on online platform, You have to be alert every time if you are trader or investor.

When you getting options trading platform, then surely its good thing for you , because options gives you higher returns than equities.

In this article you are going to know about such one options trading platform, which is so reliable and efficient about trading by name ‘Sensibull’.

Here we are trying to discuss about all aspects of ‘Sensibull’, also its work strategy, Also you are going to know how it can be helpful to you for trading.

Sensibull Review

In brief about ‘Sensibull’

‘Sensibull’ options trading platform founded by Abid hassan with Abhimanyu at Indian rupees 2.5 crores, Its first and largest options trading platform in India. which provides you all important and essential information before enter into Trade, as well as gives potential about risk and profit.

How ‘Sensibull ‘ works

Some of best features

Sensibull best features as given below:

1. Easy options :- With easy options you are going to just guess up or down, and getting strategy for your prediction. Such strategy comes with a limited loss it means no matter where market goes, you will not going to lose more than a fixed amount.

2. Strategy Builder :- With strategy builder you can create your own options strategies also analyzing their payoffs , calculating maximum profit as well as maximum loss, greeks etc and doing trade with it. Best thing here is you can analyze your existing trades with strategy builder.

3. Strategies Wizard :- You can give target for a stock or index, then strategies wizard will give you the best strategies from thousands of combinations possible.

4. Virtual trading :- If you are new and you just want to try trading without real money ,then you can do that with easy options, strategies wizard and strategy builder because all they comes with virtual trading, Sensibull gives you such kind of provision.

5. Free Advice:- If you are totally new to trading and you want a free advice ,then sensibull helps you for that too. Like as sensibull gives you free advice with real time WhatsApp alerts on when to enter, exit etc.

Sensibull has tied up with some brokers like as Motilal Oswal, Zerodha,5paisa. So such brokers firm helps you directly about trade from the options trading strategies.

In brief ‘Sensibull’ Beneficial Features

We can say its conclusion about use of  Sensibull as given below.

1. Trade options by just guessing up or down
2. Get protection from big losses even in market crashes situation.
3. You can practice trading without real money through virtual trading
4. Get clues to market direction and great trades with Data.
5. Learn how to trade options
6. Get free trading advice on WhatsApp
7. You can set alert on price and P&L on WhatsApp.

Is Sensibull trusted for use?

Sensibull is SEBI registered research analyst with strict compliance checks in place, Neither they are going to touch your real money nor they are using your data for any sort of trading , Also they are not doing trade behalf of you.

‘Sensibull’ charges

Sensibull offering plans for maximum 14 days only ,where they have three plans like as Pro, free, Lite. If you are a beginner options traders then Lite plan is beneficial for you, This plans offers you real time loss & profit, open interest analysis, 10 watchlist, chain and strategies wizard , with some tools, which is going to help you about learn everything as well as compare your strategy with specific Sensibull strategy.

While pro plan offers you some best features like as implied volatility charts i.e. IV chart, currency option, some advanced and powerful tools. If you are a advanced options traders then pro plan is suitable for you.

These all are some important and basic information about ‘Sensibull’ , Its  ‘Sensibull Review’.

So if you are thinking to choose ‘Sensibull’ as a options trading platform, then this information going to be so important for you, Hope you like this information. Stay connected with us and read our other same informative articles.


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