What is ChatGPT? and How to use it

Artificial Intelligence is around us in many cases. It is simplifying our lives and changing the way things used to be. Many services or products that we use today in our day-to-day life use Artificial Intelligence to give effective service or to improve the services. One such revolutionary thing related to Artificial Intelligence is ChatGPT, which suddenly became popular since its release, because of what it can do!

Understanding this, we have come up with a simple informative article, explaining ChatGPT in a simple language, so that it becomes easy to understand for everyone, and we will also try to have a look at how can we use ChatGPT, and whether ChatGPT is a thing to worry about?

What is ChatGPT? and How to use it

As mentioned earlier, we are going to understand ChatGPT in simple language. So, the question is that what is ChatGPT? Well, ChatGPT is a chatbot, launched by OpenAI, and the interesting thing here is that it can interact in a conversational way. We can understand this as if we are getting human-like responses through chat, from the ChatGPT. The full form of GPT here is Generative Pre–trained Transformer. It is fine-tuned with supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

ChatGPT can provide some information or also can answer questions through some conversation.

ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which follows instructions in a prompt, and provides a detailed response. ChatGPT can do many things, like correcting some grammar, explaining some concepts, generating some code, correcting your codes, and much much more.

How to use Chatgpt for Free?

After knowing about such an amazing, and revolutionary thing in action, who might not want to give it a try? Well, if you too want to try ChatGPT, you can do it in a few steps. Here are the steps, through which, you can try using the ChatGPT.

  • Go to your browser.
  • Search for ChatGPT and click on the relevant link, or simply click here.
  • Click on Try ChatGPT.
  • After that, you can create a new account(or if you have already tried it, you can log in too).
  • For creating a new account, you would need the email address and a password.
  • If you are signing up, it would ask you for the number as well.
  • After that, you would see a quite familiar chatbot-like interface, where you have some space for input. You can put any question here, or ask something, and ChatGPT would respond.

So, following these steps, you can try to use the ChatGPT AI chatbot, and get a new experience and a hands-on a new product related to Artificial Intelligence, which is probably going to change the way things are right now, in many cases. The thing is that many times, ChatGPT is able to come up with some sort of satisfactory solutions for your queries, but still, there are some limitations, but still, it is a kind of surprise to see such an intelligent chatbot, that can almost chat with you like a human.

What are the concerns with Chatgpt?

Well, if you have experienced the magic of ChatGPT, you might also have worried a little bit about many different things, like is the ChatGPT going to kill many jobs. The thing is that many people are worried about their careers since ChatGPT is so good at doing many things like it can generate some codes for you, or can even correct your codes, correcting your grammar, and much much more. Who knows how much power it gets with time, to get an enormous amount of data for training?

The thing is that many people are worried about many different things. The ChatGPT can be used for many constructive things, but there are some things to worry about as well, since then it can be used for generating content on the internet, which again is not so beneficial since the AI-generated or AI-altered content can be detected, and it can be very bad for those websites/webpages, which have AI-generated content.

Also, it can be used for cheating, or for the things like writing reports, essays, and much more. So, the students would benefit from not doing much for the assignments that they are getting in the schools or colleges since AI does for them. But this is very horrible since for them, the AI would be already doing what they were supposed to do in a creative way, which gives a horrifying imagination about the future.

Also, many engineers, students studying computer-related courses, and many IT professionals, seem to be in a worry, since ChatGPT is able to do many different things, like it can generate some codes, as per the requirements, and it can also correct the programs, in a surprisingly lesser amount of time. But as a computer engineer, computer engineering aspirant, or IT professional, should you worry about ChatGPT?

Or let me ask the alternative question who should really worry about the ChatGPT replacing them? Well, the answer is that it really depends. Change is the law of life, and Artificial Intelligence is there around us in many cases already. The people who are not ready to change before the peak time comes would be most likely to suffer.

But if you stay updated, and embrace the change that is coming, even if it is going to replace some of the jobs, it would surely bring new opportunities, as has happened many times in history, where some groundbreaking technology has replaced many jobs but also brought many new opportunities. The opportunities will knock on the door, but you should be ready to grab them. So, be updated, and focused on developing yourself, toward the change.


The thing is that ChatGPT is here to stay, and it is a groundbreaking technology, which can revolutionize the world, and change the way things are right now. Artificial Intelligence is there around us, in many cases, and we can say that we are already living with AI, and there are many useful services, which have certainly made our life quite simpler in some or the other way.

There are some things to worry about, but if not today, there will be some fixes in the near tomorrow. There can be many use cases in the future, where you might be using ChatGPT, and who knows how better it gets with time, with such access to the data.

FAQ about ChatGPT

Q: What is ChatGPT?

Ans: ChatGPT is an AI chatbot, launched by OpenAI. It has become popular among millions of people, since its launch, and is capable of doing many things. The amazing thing about ChatGPT is that it can interact in a conversational way, giving some human-like responses through chat.

Q: What is the full form of GPT?

Ans: Full form of GPT is Generative Pre – Trained Transformer.

Q: Who developed ChatGPT?

Ans: ChatGPT is developed and launched by an AI company OpenAI.


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