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"Discover a new way of learning with Gyanipandit and become a part of the revolution of confident and successful young learners."

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“Give your child a head start in life with our dynamic courses in coding, Vedic maths, and other Courses, designed to inspire a love of learning and develop essential skills for success.”

"Build positive habits for your child's future success with our innovative courses in coding, vedic maths, abacus, and more."


focused on developing essential skills like problem-solving.


Innovation is the key to effective education.

Creative Thinking

Develop essential skills like creative thinking.


Becoming more focused and engaged learners."

"Teaching your child to code is like teaching them a new language that will open up countless doors in the future."

"Unlock your child's potential with our innovative courses."

“Unlock your child’s potential with our cutting-edge courses in coding, vedic maths, abacus, and other subjects. Our innovative approach to education is designed to inspire a love of learning, develop essential skills, and set your child on the path to success.”

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