1 Million in Rupees

What is 1 Million in Indian Rupees

In math thousand, a thousand is called one million. One million is a counting number that comes after 999,999 and Before 1,000,001. We, Indian People, use units, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, lakh, ten lacks, crore, ten crores, and so on this type of places values to read numbers. But American and European people place values like unit, ten, hundred, thousand, million, billion, and trillion. Due to this difference in place value, we often get confused while converting millions into the Indian number system. In this article, we are going to learn how to convert millions into Indian numbers and rupees.

1 Million in Rupees

How many zeros are in 1 million?

In math’s 1million means a thousand. Here we have to multiply 1000*1000 =1000000 as you can see there are 6 zeros in 1 million.
The number 1000000 represents ten lacks in the Indian number system. It means that 1 million is equal to 10 lakh

1 Million is Equal to How Many Lakhs

The following table shows us how many millions are equal to how many lakhs.

Here we use the formula

Number in million ×1000000 = Number in Lakhs

Number in millionsNumber in lakh(In number)Number in lakh(In words)
1 million10,00,000Ten Lakh
0.5 millions5,00,000Five Lakh
2 million20,00,000Twenty lakh
3 million30,00,000Thirty lakh
3.5 millions35,00000Thirty-five lakh
12.5 millions1,25,00,000Six crores fifty lakh
60 million5,00,00,000nFive crore
65 million6,00,00,000Six crore
1 crore twenty-five lakh6,50,00,000Six crore fifty lakh

1 Million is Equal to How many Crores

We know that 1 million = 10, 00, 000
Also 1 crore = 1, 00, 00,000
From the above information, we can conclude that
1 million =0.1 crore.
To convert million into crores we use the following formula
Number in million ×0.1crore = number in crore.
The following table shows how many millions equal how many crores

Number in millionsNumber in crore(In number)Number in core(In words)
125 million12.5 crore(12,50,00,000)Twelve crores fifty lakh
6256 million625.6 crore
Six hundred twenty-five crore and 60 lakh
12.3 million1.23 crore
One core twenty-three lakh
100 million10crore(10,00,00,000)ten crore
500 million50 crore(50,00,00,000)Fifty crore


230 million23 crore(23,00,00,000)Twenty-three core
270 million27 crore(27,00,00,000)Twenty-seven core
245 million24.5 crore(24,50,00,000)Twenty-four fifty lakh

How to convert Big Numbers in the Indian numerical system into Millions

The following table shows the Conversion of Big numbers in the Indian system into Millions.
Here we use the formula

Number in lakh or crore/1000000 = Number in millions

Number in lakh or croreNumbers in millions
1,00,00,000( 1crore)10 million
1,00,000(1 lakh)0.1 millions
12,35,45,000(twelve crores thirty-five lakh forty-five thousand)123.545 millions
50000000( 5 crores)50millions
12,35,1221.235122 millions
70,000,00070 millions
12,45,00,000124.5 millions
78,45,12,000784.512 millions

How to convert US Dollar in millions into the Indian rupee

We know that
1 millions = 1000000
1 US Dollar = 73.46 Indian rupee
From the information, we have the formula
US currency in millions×73.45×1000000 = Indian currency in rupee.

Money in dollars and millionsMoney in Indian rupee(in the figure)Money in words
1 million $7,34,50,000Seven crores thirty-four lakh fifty thousand rupee
10 million $73,45,00,000Seventy-three crore forty-five lakh rupee
100 million $7,34,50,00,000Seven abja thirty-four crores and fifty lakh  rupee
250million $18,36,25,00,000Eighteen abja thirty-six crore twenty-five lakh rupee
1.35million $9,91,57,500Nine crores ninety-one lakh fifty-seven thousand five hundred rupee
62.5 million $4,59,06,25,000Four Abja fifty-nine crores six lakh twenty-five thousand
200 million  $14,69,00,00,000Fourteen-abja sixty-nine crore rupee

How to convert the Indian rupee into US Dollar in millions

We know that
1 millions = 1000000
1 US Dollar = 73.45 Indian rupee
From the information, we have the formula
Indian currency in rupee/73.45×1000000= US Dollars in millions

Indian currency in rupeeUS Dollars in Millions(approximate value)
7,34,50,000second column
86,45,45,123second column
22,23,25,145second column
2,02,35,125second column
23,45,00,000second column
9,91,57,5001.35 millions
7,52,32,0001.02 millions
12,00,00,0001.633 millions
84,25,00,00011.47 millions

As we can see when we convert millions into rupees, the value of money increases suddenly because the economy of the USA is much stronger than India.

Now we convert how to convert dollars in millions into Indian Rupee so let’s calculate something interesting. We will calculate the Budget of some Famous Hollywood Movies on the Indian Rupee. We will use the Following Formula
US currency in millions×73.45×1000000 = Indian currency in rupee.

Name of Hollywood MovieBudget in Dollars(millions)Budget in Indian Rupee
Titanic200 million14,69,00,00,000
Jurassic Park63 million4,62,73,50,000
Terminator Judgment102 million7,49,19,00,000
Rambo 115 million1,10,17,50,000
Rambo 222.5 millions1,65,26,25,000

Conclusion: In this article, we do some interesting math related to the conversion of 1 million into other units. If you want to see more interesting stuff like this stay connected to Gyanipandit.

FAQ About 1 Million in Rupees

Q. What is the value of 1 million?

Ans: 1 million = 1000000 =10 lakhs

Q. Which number comes just before 1 million?

Ans: 99,999

Q. Which number comes just after 1 million?

Ans: 10,00,001

Q. Which formula do we use to convert US dollars in millions into an Indian rupee?

Ans: US currency in millions×73.45×1000000 = Indian currency in rupee.

Q. What is the value of 1 million U.S dollars in the Indian rupee?

Ans: 1 million us Dollars = 7,34,50,000 Indian Rupee


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