What is stenography?

Stenography Information

Have you ever heard the word stenography? Do you know what are the benefits of stenography? If No, then Don’t worry! Today we will discuss stenography. Stenography is the word derived from the word stenos(narrow) and graphing (to write). What does actually stenography means? Stenography contains skills like shorthand, transcription, typewriting, etc. A stenographer is also called a shorthand writer.

Now, you guys are thinking about what is shorthand writer. Shorthand writer is the writer who converts English, Hindi, or other regional languages into a code language. Due to this, whatever the shorthand writer writes then the content is in the coded form. And the long sentence/ text become’s shorter. As I told you it is the code language then the content or data will remain safe.

What is stenography?

Let’s see, How one can build a career in stenography. In India, most of the students wanted to achieve govt .but after 12thsome of the students might think about how to build a career in govt sector. There n a number of options to build a career in the Government sector, Among them stenography is one option. If you guy’s really want to build a career in stenography so let’s see what are the requirements? And what are the qualifications required to become a stenographer? So let’s see how one can become a stenographer.:

To become a stenographer first you also need to complete the graduation among any one of the sectioned universities. Stenographer is one of the professional courses. The fess of this course is very less as compare to other courses. One can eligible for this course only when the age of the candidate is min 18years.

How to become Stenographer:

  1. First, you need to learn steno typing, to learn steno typing you guys need to take admitted to any of the ITI organizations or in any other polytechnic institute. If you pursue this course from any other institute then you guy’s should make sure that the institute has the government.
  2. You need to practice a lot after completing the course, And also you guys need to increase your typing speed. And the most important in Hindi typing you guys need to keep the strategy of typing 100 words per minute. as well as you need to do the same in English typing.
  3. Some of the subjects you need to learn in stenography.
  • General intelligence and reasoning.
  • Samanya Jagrukta.
  • English language and comprehension.

after studying the subjects give the exam properly. Hence after clearing the exam. The candidate is called for the typing test. After this, if the candidate successfully clears the typing test then, He finally achieves the stenographer post.

After completing this course you can easily get a job in the government as well as the private sector. So this was all about stenography. If you guys are really interested in this field then you should definitely pursue this course.

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FAQ About Stenography

Q. How one can become a stenographer?

Ans: The steps which I have mentioned above if you follow those steps then definitely you can become a stenographer.

Q. After completing stenography can I get a government job?

Ans: Yes! definitely, if you pursue stenography and if you have all the skills that are required for the Job then definitely you can get a job n the government sector.

Q. Does stenography has a demand?

Ans: yes! definitely, stenography has a demand. but, you should have all the skills that are required.

Q. being a stenographer, Can I pursue further education?

Ans: Yes! definitely being a stenographer you can pursue higher education in the different fields in which you guys are interested.


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