Exponential calculator

Exponential calculator / Exponential power calculator

At times, we need to calculate the powers of some number over another number. For example, 2 to power 3, or 5 to power 3. in such situations, our calculator for calculating powers of some number can be used.

How to use our calculator for calculating ‘a’ to the power of ‘b’?

Well, in the calculator, you have to just input the base value, and the exponent value, and click on calculate, and you will get the output as the base value, to the power of exponent value in the result.

How are powers calculated?

Well, we have 2 input values, the base value, and the exponent value, and the output comes out to be the base value to the power of the exponent. For example, if the base number is considered as 2 and the exponent value is considered as 3, the output is going to be 2 to power 3, which comes out to be 8.

Here are some examples, so as to understand the concept in a better way –

43 = 64
29 = 512
37 = 2187

Let’s have a look at an example so that we can understand how to calculate the power of some number to another number. For example, if we are calculating 2 to power 3, we just need to perform the operation 2 x 2 x 2, which is 8.

FAQ About Exponential calculator

1. What is ‘a’ exponential b?

Ans: Well, this can be also said as a to the power b. In other words, it is going to be the value, which we get after multiplying the value ‘a’ by itself, for b times.

2. For what is the exponentiation used?

Ans: Well, there are many situations, where we would need to do the exponentiation. For example, when we want to find the square or cube of some number, we calculate the 2nd or 3rd power of that number. There are numerous other situations, where you might require to perform exponentiation.

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