Percentage Decrease Calculator

Percentage Decrease Calculator

Percent Decrease calculator

Basic about percentage –

Percent word can be understood if you break it into ‘per’ and ‘cent’ which means a hundred which means a part of a hundred. Usually, the percent is calculated out of 100 but it can also be defined as a part of a whole base. A percentage is a fraction whose denominator is always 100. A percentage is a term used to tell the number of parts out of a hundred. It is denoted by the sign %.

If you consider 40 out of a hundred, in terms of percentage it is simply written as 40%. The percentage can also de denoted by a decimal or fraction to tell it out of the whole. You can exactly write 40% in decimal as ‘0.40’ and in terms of a fraction.

For example-

If there are 120 students out of which 35 failed the class test. Find out what percent of students passed the test.

Solution- Out of 120 students, 36 failed which means 84 students from the class cleared the test. To calculate the percentage of students who passed, we apply the formula-

                                                % =  × 100

                                                = 70% of the students passed the test.

In the same way, 40% of students passed the test and the total numbers of students are 120 and you are asked to calculate the number of students who passed the test, it can be solved as-

                                    = 40% of 120 =  × 120 = 48.

Hence, your answer is 48 students passed the test.

What is Percent Decrease?

Percent increase/ decrease is ultimately the absolute change in the value over time. If you want to calculate the change in quantity, you subtract the initial value from the final one.

When the amount increases with time and the final value is more than the initial, it is a positive change but when the amount decreases over time, the change is negative and then the percent change is a percent of decrease.  

How to calculate manually-

Percent decrease =  × 100

Where, X = final amount and Y = original amount     

Consider, the railway fare was 200/- Rs for 100 km in 2000 but the fare decreased to 130/- Rs in 2019 for the same. Calculate the percent decrease.

Solution-  Percent decrease =  × 100

                                                =  = 35 %

Hence, the percent decrease in fare along the years is 35%.

Another example, is the shopping mall stated a discount of 20% over every product. If a dress cost 1500/- Rs what would be the cost of the dress after discount?

Solution-  the first step is to find out the 20% of 1500 to find out the decreased value of the dress.

                                    =  × 1500 = 300

Hence, the dress price will decrease by 300 from the original value and the total cost of the dress after discount would be 1200/- Rs. (1500- 300)

Calculator for Percent decrease-

To use the calculator, you have to follow the simple procedures-

  • Enter the original values and final values in the box.
  • To calculate decreased percentage, the value should be less than original.
  • After substituting the values in the box, press the button to find your result.
  • Percent Decrease Calculator will give you the value of decreased amount over the time.
  • You can use the calculator, if you do not want to work manually over the numbers.


  1. The numbers should be real numbers.
  2. The original number should not be zero or less than the final value.
  3. The result from the calculator will be in terms of percent.
  4. The result will be the amount of loss over the original value.
  5. As it is related to a decrease amount, it is used to calculate discounts and decreased amounts.

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