25+ Slogans On Save Electricity – बिजली बचाओ पर नारे

Slogans On Save Electricity in English

Slogans to Save Electricity

Save today for a better future.

Save Electricity Pictures

Save electricity… Good For Planet… Good For Business

Save Electricity Quotes

You Don’t Need An Electrical Engineering Degree To Turn Off A Switch.

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Switch Of Electrical Appliances After Use And Avoid Unnecessary Use Of Electricity.

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4 thoughts on “25+ Slogans On Save Electricity – बिजली बचाओ पर नारे”

  1. Shivam kumar at the school the sun beam academy ambedkar chowk chitkohra patna 2 in class 7

    Saving energy good for the planet good for the business. you dont need an electrical engineering degree,to turn off a switch. Switch electrical appliances after use and avoid unnecessary use of electricity. Save light,get a hopefull life thanku…….

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