Square and Square Root Calculator

Square and Square Root Calculator

Square and square root calculator

Square and Square root

A number multiplied twice by itself would result in a square of a number. In other words, the square of a number is the power of 2. The square of x will be written as x2

A square of 5 will be written as – 52 = 5×5 = 25.

The square root would be exactly opposite to it, i.e. the square root of 25 will be 5.

Square root can be mathematically expressed as the square root of a given number ‘x’ is equal to a number ‘y’ multiplied by itself. In simple, x = y2.  In short, a number y, which after multiplying by itself will give x.

The square root is denoted by the radical sign –

For example- the square root of 81 will be written as

Every non-negative number has a non-negative square root, i.e. a positive number will give a positive integer, but every positive number can also give negative square roots.

Hence, in the form of the formula square root can be written as –

√x = y ⟺ x = y

How to find square root manually-

  • To calculate manually, you can generally, learn some basic square and square roots of the number.
Square rootSquare
  • Using the above basic squares and square roots, you can predict the result for any number.

For example- if you are looking for the square root of 96 then, look for the closest number near 96 which is a perfect square.

The closest number to 96 is 100 which is a perfect square of 10.

So maybe, be near 10. But 100 is greater than 96, so let’s consider 9. 3 roots of 96.

Square of 9.3 = 86.49, which is not equal to our number.

Hence, will try for 9.4, and squaring the number will give a different result.

Repeat the procedure by changing decimal points till you get the result. This procedure will be used when a number is not a perfect square.

Square root calculator-

  • The Square and square root calculator provides an easy and handy method to calculate the results quickly.
  • Enter the positive number in the provided box and press the result button given below.
  • The results are given quickly and automatically without much manual work.


  • The calculator provides squares and the square root of only positive integers even though a positive number can give a negative square root.
  • It is easy to calculate manually with the perfect square numbers.
  • The square and the square root of zero will always be ‘0’.
  • Remembering basic squares will provide easy calculations manually too.
  • The calculator provides an easy and simple automatic result that can be quickly copied.

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