How to Compliment a Girl | Best 200+ Compliments For Girls

Compliments For Girls

Companionship makes life beautiful and Happy it give feelings like as more alive we living life. Friendship is vital part of every human being life when two different gender persons meeting and spending time together they always try to make memorable moments.

But most of the time peoples don’t know to give compliment to each other and Mostly girls like compliment if you knows how to give compliment to girl then make sure you will be most of the favorite guy in girls group, After all you are touching there heart but don’t be hurry , your compliment should be that much proper and attractive so that only you can catch girls attention.

Here in this article you will get almost all best quality compliment for girl, You can use this in FB comment also, Which can be helpful for you to impress a girl as well as you can easily make friendship with girl by giving them this compliment.

how to compliment a girl

Below given some best compliment for a girl

1. You look prettier than your picture.
2. Wow! You are really cute.
3. You are adorable
4. You are lovely.
5. Wow! You are so elegant.
6. You are gorgeous.
7. I love your lips
8. I like your style.
9. I like your dress , It looks so great on you.
10. You look stunning in that dress.
11. You have amazing cheekbones.
12. I wish i had your hair
13. You are hilarious.
14. You are not like everyone else.
15. You are the first person that I turn to when I need a friend.
16. Everything a guy wants from person, you possess it.
17. Whenever you are around me I automatically fell ten times more happy.
18. I can hold your hand for the rest of my life , Just to make sure I don’t lose you.
19. My only wish is to make you laugh at every chance i get.
20. You are my safe place.
21. I feel so happy here with you.
22. I love every inch of you, even your toes.
23. Hanging out with you is always a blast.
24. I love looking at you.
25. You are someone’s reason to smile.
26. You are a dream come to life.
27. Your skin is so soft.
28. I love holding you in my arms.
29. You are everything to me
30. You are my whole world.
31. Being with you means the world to me.
32. You are my entire universe.
33. I can not keep my eyes off to you.
34. You are the very meaning of friendship.
35. Thank you for being a such loyal friend in such messed up world.
36. At this point you are like family to me.
37. Nobody makes me happier than you.
38. You always makes me feel so comfortable.
39. I can see so much warmth in your eyes.

More Compliments For Girls

40. You have such a good taste.
41. I think you are perfect just the way you are.
42. You are my candle in darkness.
43. I never believed in soulmates but after meeting you ,i do.
44. You are truly an amazing dancer.
45. Your perspective is refreshing.
46. Your voice is magnificent.
47. You look mesmerizing.
48. I love your curves.
49. You are so smart.
50. You make me feel so lucky when i am around you.
51. You always know how to surprise me.
52. You smell so nice.
53. I love talking to you.
54. You are really something special.
55. Your lips always looks kissable.
56. Cant wait to see you.
57. Your friendship is priceless to me.
58. You and i are tighter than a knot.
59. The kindness you show to everyone is inspiring.
60. No matter what you wear, you always look fantastic
61. I love spending time with you.
62. I have never met anyone’s as trustworthy and honest as you
63. I love the way you take care of me, you are such a selfless person.
64. When i am not around you i am thinking about you.
65. You are like a dazzling diamond that i will treasure always.
66. I cant imagine life without you.
67. I love how you make ordinary events romantic.
68. If someone’s wrote a book about you , it would be a bestseller.
69. Your beauty is enticing.
70. You have blessed my life with peace and love.

These are some best compliment which you can try to give a girl according to situation or as per need . Hope you like this information…


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