English Ukhane For Bride & Groom [Male or Female]

English Ukhane

In every society marriage is very vital part of life, also marriage is one kind of rites in human being life. Though everyone’s tradition and cultures are different, But marriage is quite enjoyable occasion everywhere around the world.

After marriage in some traditions like as in Indian culture ,Bride never taking his husband name directly, there is one way to introduce her husband by “Ukhana”. This procedure is variable in India according to states.

English Ukhane

Some selected ‘English Ukhane’ here you can read, Which either you can try for fun or you can get them into use, if you are newly married.

English Ukhane For Bride


1.” Putting flower and leaf in the honor of God on his Feet,
Taking my husband name ,fully with his respect .”

Funny English Ukhane

2. “Seductive bangles ,With pleasant noise of anklet’s.
Let me pronounce hubby name, Hey, Listen Everyone’s”

Best English Ukhane

3. ” Like as a Heaven my in-laws home ,Everything like my choice. Let me get hubby name, when sun transfers into capricorn zodiac sign”

English Ukhane

4. ” In-laws home is same like as Parents home, Also relations are like as old. When husband is with me ,Then everything in life like as 24 carat Gold”

English Ukhane

5. ” Jasmine pleasant smell, In that everywhere slowly air runs.
Behalf the sweet hubby name, I have weared bunch of green bangles”

English Ukhane For Bride

6. ” Sweetness like sugar, With all around pleasant flowers smell. In marriage life ,Joy with heaven like feel”

English Ukhane

7. “Glory of temple, With God idol.
Let me take hubby name, by fulfilling all will”

Ukhane for Bride

8. ” No Infatuation ,No magic ,No hate ,No fight
Let me take hubby name, Attention please and keep it in mind so

In some states like as in Maharashtra it is so prestigious tradition, about to take husband name by ‘Ukhana’. Its quite funny, amazing and enjoyable moment ,when some elder persons, friends, family members asking to bride her husband name.

Without fun and happiness life going so bored, So Such kind of funny tasks making life more enjoyable. Also everyone’s are so excited about newly married couples and no one want to miss the chance about to pull their legs.

‘ukhana’ is the one of the famous leg pulling and fun creating moment in Maharashtra state after marriage, And this task have to do both bride and groom now day’s.

9. ” Being a honest in relationship, Taking a marriage lent.

Let me get hubby name , bless me from your heart”

10. ” To build a ‘Taj mahal’ ,workers were so talented actively. Let me take hubby name, Only for you specially”

11. ” In the sky shining stars, on earth shining diamonds.
Let me take hubby name, He is my real ornaments”

12. ” Being a young, marriage age has comes also curiosity about love increases. On the name of hubby, In to marriage life putting footsteps ”

13. ” Rose flower looks so beautiful and fresh.
Let me take hubby name , Its results of my good luck and others well wish”

English Ukhane For Female

14. ” Into the hairs everyday I am attaching rose flower.
Please forgive my every mistakes, My lovely hubby you are only my dear”

15. ” I am not that much beautiful, Then also you have chosen me. My lovely hubby , this is the thing which has impressed me”

English Ukhane For Groom

English 'Ukhane' For Groom

16.” Grapes from Nashik Orange from Nagpur, From this moment to whole life, my wife is my home minister”

17.” In the Life ocean ,Running Our husband wife ship. Hey, Telling my wife name , Everyone’s must listen it so deep”

English Ukhane For male

18.” Blue water Blue sky, all around everywhere Green green forest.Let me take my wife name, With all your respect.”


19.” True love glows like millions of lights , My lovely wife is the best gift of God after millions times of prays”

These all are the some best ‘English ukhane” For groom ,which They can try ,when someone asking them their wife name immediately after marriage.

Its one kind of different way about to express¬† love and respect for husband and wife. Also a lot of fun can be create there ,because friends and family always ready there to pull your legs. Girl or boy who is newly married ,for them these are best ‘Ukhane’ ,so you can try it

Hope this information and ‘English Ukhane’ will be so helpful for you ,and you will try them to create fun and happiness.


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