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All About – International HR Policies

Management has a vital role in every organization or leading business company, where every step of a variety of tasks keeps individual importance. Human Resources is an integral part of every business sector world widely, and every company has an interference about to set up some HR policy for their employees. Some people among you may be interested to get know about international human resource policies.

The focus of this article will be on Global HR Policies, we can differ from them per country but the intention will be concerned with only basic human resource policy as well as some parameters which relate to this topic so closely.

Somewhere this information can be helpful for almost all age groups people because, whether you are a student, retired person, or currently working employee. After reading this information all of your doubts about concepts, assumptions, and thoughts will be clear about the global policies of hr.

International Human Resource Policies

Key Points About Human Resource Management.

Before moving toward our main topic, you must have a rough idea about the exact role of human resource management in to any workplace. To know them you have to check below given some important key points.

  • Staffing (Hiring of Employee).
  • Retention.
  • Training, Motivation, and Development.
  • Development of policies relating to the Workplace.
  • Employee Protection.
  • Implementation and dealing with Labor Law.
  • Workplace Administration
  • Management of Compensation and Benefits.
  • Spreading Awareness About Workplace Culture and Ethics to Employees.
  • Workplace Manners Related Matters Handling.
  • Pay for performance.
  • Employee Assessment.
  • Global Mobility of Workforce.
  • Performance Management etc.

Some major important things are the parts of the given key points, but you may realize now the basic function of human resources at any workplace.

Next, you will get to read about global-level human resource policies, then you will clearly understand all of these points whatever you have read up till now.

Detailed Information About Global Human Resource Policies.

Some key points are common in every country, on which human resource management works are somehow dependent. First, let’s see and check with them. You can read them as given below;

  • Hiring New Staff/Employees: 

Conducting Interviews, Spreading Job Advertisements or building a contractual relationship with human resource firms, Candidate identification, appraising/Assessment of candidates, and Selection process completion.

  • Analysis of Cost and Salary hike:

Cost projection on the basis of the employee’s prior experience and salary figures. Calculation of salary hikes according to employee expectations and implementation of the human resource policy of the specific company.

  • Offer Letter/ Assignment Letter Creation:

Documents collection with validation of true credentials, Creation of offer letter by mentioning all essential aspects like pay structure, Offered in hand as well as total salary, Deduction of amount as per the norms, Designation, Perks, and benefits, etc.

  • Relocation Support.

(In case an employee wants to relocate to some other branch of the company)

  • Tax programs, Compensation with other benefits:-

Income tax may vary as per the country, but human resources manage all of that things on behalf of employees. While about compensation and benefits, there is a standard policy for every company. According to company variation can get to see there into compensation and benefits respectively.

  • Perks Implementation:

In case perks are offered there by a company or specific workplace, then human resources take care of all of them to give their benefits to employees.

  • Family Support:

Some workplaces offered benefits to employee families too like their spouses, children, parents, etc. Here human resource is the medium through which employee family members can get that benefits.

  • Salary and Future Fund Management(Payroll Management):

Salary management is the task of the accounting department, but the accounting department is somewhere concerned with the human resource department. From time to time they do reporting to each other as well as they keep maintain records of employee leaves, payouts, and other financial issues.

All mentioned above are the standard human resource policies that are most common for the worldwide workplace. Apart from that some other related human resource policies you will get to read next.

Some other Important Global Human Resource Policies.

  • Relocation/Global Relocation:

If the Workplace belongs to a multinational company, then in some situations either employee can wish to relocate to other workplaces of the same company within the country or city. While in other cases, a company can promote employees in another country for work purposes so in this situation, it is called a global relocation. All these kinds of formalities go to handle by the human resource department of that specific company.

  • Safety About Employee and Organization:-

The human resource department not only handle safety-related matter about the company/organization but also consistently focus on staff security-related matters.

  • Offshoring:

Today most of the leading companies in every sector trying to spread their business into multiple countries. While in the current global environment Australia, India, China, the USA, the UK, Germany, etc, are the most popular destinations where companies are excited to set up their business. So, for that purpose either the human resource department focuses on moving to a new country on behalf of the company to start their business or they prefer to do work collaboration with the specific work in that country. This strategy is called as offshoring, while all the activities related to this kind of policy, go to handle by the Human resource department in that specific company.

  • Labor Relation:

For every company their employee is the key factor of production, doesn’t matter then it is a manufacturing sector or knowledge outsourcing process. In all cases usually maintaining good relations with labor/employees is the main key to achieving company goals. So here global companies try to take care of their employee from time to time motivating them as well as providing assurance about their growth.

  • Global Staff Management:

Actually, it is the basic duty of the human resource department from which they manage timely workplace staff matters and focuses on company growth. But in case any company works on offshoring/global basis then the human resource department’s responsibility goes double. They have to manage their global-level employees as well as check their work outputs, which they have to send to the higher authority of a specific company.

  • Handling Ethics and Social Manner:

In every company/organization, there are different age groups and sex people available. While all of that employees might be working on the same or different designation. In such a situation taking care of ethics and social manner is a usual tough task for every company. Here human resource department is the main intermediary between them, which is always responsible, and the caretaker there about ethics and social manner. With the help of various types of strategic human resource departments try to move employees’ focus most of the time on their work, rather than other wasteful things.

  • Diversity:

When talking about global human resource policies then diversity goes to include there obviously. It is because in to overseas companies, there may have variations between employees on the basis of language, complexion, Culture, Religion, etc. In that scenario, the human resource department always tries to create collaboration between such kinds of employees, through which it is going so easy for the company to create a friendly work environment. Also, human resources try to focus about motivate them, by solving their issues on professional as well as personal levels. In this way, that respective company can achieve its goals.

  • Hr Policies About Repatriation:

For those who are migrated to a foreign country for work purposes, for them before leaving their job human resource department gives all kinds of assurance. Here assurance includes things like returning to their home place safely with all kinds of their assets, while as per global human resource policy, they always want that employees should come to their country with new experiences and memories of the workplace.


You can get to see slight changes in worldwide human resource policy in workplaces, but some standard policies are the same everywhere. While for overseas employees human resource policies are somewhere different in some aspects. In multinational companies, you may get to see some added policies as per the country and background.

In this way, we have discussed various types of policies which are applicable on a global level. While country wise you may get to see some difference in that, here you have read about all of that human resource policies. Through which these policies most of the time employees-related management goes to complete overseas companies.

FAQ About International HR Policies

Q. What are the important key points on which international human resource policy depends?

1. Repatriation
2. Offshoring
3. Global Staff Management
4. Employee as well as Labor relations
5. Ethics and Social Manner Handling
6. Global Relocation
7. Perks and Benefits implementation etc.

Q. Can we get to see some differences in the human resource policies of multinational companies?

Answer: Yes.

Q. Does offshoring is a part of Global HR policy?

Answer: Yes.

Q. Is there any kind of changes to the human resource policy for an overseas employee?

Answer: There are slight changes that can get to seen in human resource policy for overseas employees.


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