Day in Life of a Lawyer

Day in Life of a Lawyer

In a democratic nation, people are not governed by the law made for people and not by elected representatives. A good judicial system is the backbone of any democracy. Lawyers are the basic part of the judicial system. A lawyer is the most hardworking professional in the world.

The work of a lawyer is not as glamorous as it looks on TV or in Movies. A lawyer has to work 50 to 60 hours weekly on average. A lawyer is not one who just builds the net of worlds to make statements or arguments which will entangle people. This article will give you an idea of how tough a single day in the life of a lawyer is.

Day in Life of a Lawyer

The Beginning of the day for a lawyer

The task that a lawyer will do in a day depends largely upon his specialization. For example, an attorney who is a Tax consultant will spend most of his preparing tax-related documents. On the other hand, an attorney who has done his specialization in criminal cases will spend most of his time attending court and studying various legal aspects of his cases.

The Lawyer begins their day by arriving first in the office when the office is not officially open. They decide this time because there is no disturbance between the client and another co-worker at the time. They utilize this time to read emails, SMS, or any other messages which are important from the point of view of their case. They also use this time to review their cases and get prepared for a court hearing. They finish their pending work that could not be completed throughout the day.

Lawyers have to prepare motions, memorandums, pleadings, and similar paperwork related to their active cases. And this time in the early morning is ideal for it since this work requires a fresh and calm mind.

How Many Hours do Lawyers Work

Once office time is officially started the lawyers get busy meeting with their clients or calling the different persons which are related to their active cases. They may be seen talking with their fellow lawyers or senior lawyer on legal matters.

Sometimes lawyers also work outside the office. For instance, a criminal lawyer may visit the crime scene to cross-check the evidence to recreate the crime in his mind so that he can make a strong appeal in court during a court hearing.

The business hours are also used by attorneys to update their knowledge related to recent laws. This is the normal requirement for a bar association.

After Working Hours

Even when the working hours are over the lawyers have very less time t enjoy themselves with their families. Law professionals who work on simple accounts work more and earn more.

Attorneys have to prepare them for the next day so they complete their pending work, paperwork, studying their active case, etc after work hours.

Main Responsibilities of Lawyers

The responsibilities a lawyer has to fulfill are as follows.

  • Giving suggestions to clients on legal matters.
  • Understanding the law and its application to specific cases.
  • Gathering significant information and evidence related to the case.
  • Representation of client in the court
  • Examining legal data and evidence in order to defend clients or prosecute defendants in criminal or civil cases.
  • Drafting various legal documents such as legal briefs, wills, deeds, mortgages, leases, etc.
  • Negotiating settlements between clients.
  • Legal assistant supervisor for the client.

Lawyers are Committed to Their Jobs

Even working hard for more hours in a day than compared to other professions lawyers are committed to their jobs. They give as much as possible legal assistance to their client. Justice is a highly subjective thing. Justice is the founding pillar of any democracy. Lawyers should be motivated by these thoughts and work hard to give their clients justice.

FAQ About Day in the Life of a Lawyer

Q. Is the life of Lawyers as glamorous as we see in movies and TV serials?

Ans: No the life of a Lawyer is very stressful. They have to work hard throughout the day to earn their livelihood. Sometimes they come in contact with hardcore criminals and evil people they should be fearless to give justice to victims and punish the accused.

Q. Who can become a Lawyer?

Ans: Any person who is justice-loving, hardworking, and mentally and emotionally healthy.

Q. How much a lawyer has to work on an average Weekly?

Ans: The lawyer has to work from 50 to 60 hours weekly on average.

Q. What do Lawyers do at the beginning of their day?

Ans: At the beginning of the day lawyers read necessary messages or emails which are important from the point of view of their active cases. They also review their active cases and do the necessary paperwork.

Q. What do Lawyers do during their business hours?

Ans: During business hours lawyers do meetings with their clients, and they prepare for a hearing in court. They meet with court officials to decide the next date of hearing for their cases. They also visit the crime scene to get more information about the cases. They take advice from their senior lawyers and give advice to their junior lawyers on legal matters. They keep themself updated with recent changes in the law.


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