Who is the Father of Physics?

Who is Called the Father of Physics

All the physical world has stood upon the various kinds of scientific inventions, But these all were not less than miracle before some centuries. The main contribution behind such innovation is really inspirational to modern era peoples and of course, everyone has a curiosity get to know about such personality.

Among the all of you most of the peoples have favorite subject is physics and every day you may either try to learn something new or searching information about this subject.

Here in this informative article, you will get to know about physics subject like its brief history, Father of physics and some other interesting information about it.

Who is the Father of Physics?

Who is the Father of Physics?
Who is the Father of Physics?

Basic History of Physics

Basically, all kinds of energy and matter are includes in physics while study about state/form of substance also part of physics. From the ancient era Astronomy, Mathematics related researches were so related to physics.

We can say all of these subjects related inventions were go ahead together because astronomy and mathematics are integral parts of physics.

From time to time when the astronomy-related invention was going continue on time also time, distance, light, sound, motion, energy like the concept was making a lot of questions into the human mind. This had given inspiration to progress in physics-related research.

Aristotle and Archimedes like Greek observers and researchers were working on physical inventions, While astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus had put strong arguments about the solar system which was the next step into physical invention.

The great breakthrough in physics was obtained by Galileo Galilei he was an Italian astronomer, mathematician, and physicist. Galileo’s notable inventions were hydrostatic balance, the center of gravity, Also his motion-related innovation was the exact conclusion of Newton’s law of motion.

Galileo is called the father of modern physics, while the Albert Einstein relativity theory was also a great achievement in physics.

There is a controversy between this two like some scientists have given arguments that Galileo is the father of modern physics, while some other said that Einstein is the father of physics but the fact is both of their work is notable and no one can ignore it.

Let’s see some year-wise inventions list of Galileo and Einstein as given below:-

Galileo Galilei Contribution to Physics:

  • Hydrostatic Balance (1586)
  • Center of Gravity (1589)
  • Galilean Relativity (1632)

Albert Einstein Contribution to Physics:

  • Special Theory of Relativity (1905 and 1915)
  • Photoelectric Effect (1905)
  • Symmetry Law (1905)
  • Quantum Theory of Light
  • General Theory of Relativity (1916)

List of fathers of various fields

  • Atomic Bomb – Enrico Fermi.
  • Electrical Induction – Michael Faraday.
  • Classical Mechanics – Isaac Newton.
  • Modern Astronomy – Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • Nuclear Physics – Ernest Rutherford.
  • Optics – Ibn al-Haytham.
  • Quantum Mechanics – Max Planck.
  • Thermodynamics – Sadi Carnot.
  • Energetics – Willard Gibbs
  • Rocket Science – Robert Hutchings Goddard.
  • Acoustics – Ernst Chladni.
  • Physical Cosmology – Georges Lemaitre.
  • Plasma Physics – Irving Langmuir.
  • Civil Engineering – John Smeaton.

Some Notable Inventions in Physics.

  • Laws of Motion – By Newton (1687)
  • Law of Electric Resistance – G.S Ohm (1827)
  • Electromagnetic Induction – Michael Faraday (1831)
  • Law of Electrostatic Attraction- Coulomb (1779)
  • Quantum Theory- Max Plank (1900)
  • Wireless Telegram- Marconi (1901)
  • Radioactivity- Henry Becquerel
  • Electron – J J Thomson (1897)
  • Roentgen – X-Ray (1895)
  • Raman Effect – C V Raman (1928)


All the inventions have been done in physics are the foundation of today’s progressive world. Though there is a difference between opinions about the father of physics but both Galileo and Albert Einstein’s contribution is a milestone in Physics history.

Physics Questions and Answers

  • How many Laws of Motion stated by Newton?
    Ans: Three.
  • What is the date of birth of Galileo Galilei?
    Ans: 15th February 1564.
  • Where did Galileo Bear?
    Ans: Pisa(Italy).
  • What is the date of birth of Albert Einstein?
    Ans: 14th March 1879.
  • Who is well known as the Father of Physics?
    Ans: Galileo Galilei (Father of Observational Physics) and Albert Einstein (Father of Modern Physics)


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