Starting lines for anchoring

Anchoring plays a very important role in any program. May it be some reality show, award function, sports prize distribution ceremony, or any small competition or any other program, anchoring is very important since it gives a flow to the whole program. The hosts, or anchors as we call them, are the individuals who host the show and shine on the stage. The flow and primary success of the program depend much on the hosts/anchors.

So, if you have got a chance to host a show, to become an anchor, you are going to shine on the stage! But it is important for you to understand that the primary success of the program depends on you! Also, the opening lines in the anchoring script have a lot of impact on the whole script or the whole flow.

So, if you are worried and are searching for some good starting lines for anchoring, mostly your search stops here since we have come up with some starting lines for anchoring, for you. You can refer to and use these catchy lines, and some tips at different points in time, so that you can shine on the stage.

Starting lines for anchoring

When you are starting with a show or a program, the first few moments (like a minute or less than that) are going to be very important for you on the show, since these are going to put your first impression on the audience. So, you got to win the audience’s heart this time, so as to shine in the show.

The first thing that you can do is to introduce yourself, and welcome the audience. Well, here are some sample lines for introducing yourself, and welcoming the audience.

A big Hello to each and everyone present here!!! welcome to the show!!

If the event is in some particular city, and people belonging to that city are majorly there, you can even greet the audience by taking the name of the city. For example, if the show is in Mumbai, and majorly the people in the show are from Mumbai as well, you can start off by saying something like this –

Hello Mumbaikars!! How are you? Welcome to this grand grand event of ___________.

Here are some more examples, that you can consider using as the starting lines. Make sure that you choose effective and tailored starting lines since it is going to put a lot of impact on the audience, and also it’s your first impression, so why not!

Note that the below-starting lines are generalized, and you can use them to tailor your own starting lines to shine on the stage.

  • Good Morning to everyone present here! A very warm welcome to the program.
  • Good Evening to each and every one present here! I welcome you to the marvelous event tonight. An event that is going to be unforgettable for the rest of your life, and the event that you all have been waiting for.
  • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is <name> and I welcome you with all my heart, to the show that you have been waiting for!
  • Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! The wait is over, and finally, we are here! I am <name> and I welcome you to the most awaited event tonight!!
  • Hello and welcome to the event __________. We are very glad to see such a huge audience at the show!
  • A very good afternoon to everyone presents here! I am <name> and I welcome you all on the behalf of ______________.
  • On this marvelous night, I want to welcome you all, to the ________ program. I am <name> and I am the host of the show tonight.
  • Hello everyone!! I am <name> and I am the host of the program today! I welcome you to the show, from the bottom of my heart.
  • Hello, audience! You know that you are very important to this show, and I am glad to see a huge audience here. I can see the audience till my eyes can see. This show is going to be grand tonight. I am <name>, your host for today’s show, and I welcome you to the grand show.
  • Are you having a good time here? I am <name>, and along with my cohost <cohostname>, I welcome you all to the amazing night!
  • A grand welcome to everyone present here. I and my cohost welcome you with all my heart, and all the happiness, to the event ___________.

So, these were some of the opening lines that you can use in your own script, or you can also use these lines as inspiration to tailor your own lines. Just remember! Do not forget to shine in the beginning! It will not only give a great start, but it would also improve your confidence to a different level.

How your starting lines should be?

As mentioned earlier, the host of the show, or the anchor, is someone who owns the stage. The primary success of the show and the flow of the program are much in the hands of the anchor. So, if you are going to host a show, you should not be using some very common lines, like Good Morning, Thank You, and Good Afternoon. Instead, you should be engaging and cheering up the audience, since this is one of the reasons that you own the stage.

Here are some exciting tips and some lines, for starting the show. You can again use them to tailor your own lines. Make sure that you are not just on the stage, but you shine on the stage!

The thing is that it may vary from program to program, so we have these lines as generalized, but as we say, you can use these lines to tailor your own lines as per your requirement.

Starting with a story

Starting with a story can be an amazing start to the show. But at the same time, you need to be cautious about what story are you going to talk about. Since, if the audience could not relate, things would go another way. So, keep in mind that if you are starting with a story, then the story should be in alignment with the theme of the show, or the program, and the people should relate to the story.

Start with some imaginary thought

At the very start of the program, it can happen that you are going to interact with people that you do not even know. So, in such a situation, anybody would wonder how can we start. But you can start with some imaginary thought, through which the audience can connect well so that you can grab the attention of the audience, and start the show well.

But remember that in this situation as well, things can go either way, so you should choose the thought, the story, the plot, or whatnot in a wise manner.

Start by asking a question

You can start by asking a question. It depends on a lot of factors that how relevant would it be, start the event by asking a question. But surely this can be a way to grab the attention of the audience. Make your audience think. Not just in the start, but asking questions from time to time, can help you to grab the attention of the audience.

Again, remember to have the right question at the right time, or again things can go either way. Asking questions can be considered a good start for the event.

Make a claim about the program

At the very beginning of the program, you can start off by making a claim about the program. You can say something like – this evening is going to be something unimaginable, or this is an unforgettable evening, or this is the most awaited event of the year.

But when you are making a claim here, make sure that you are not making a tall claim, or saying something which cannot be possible, since this can get you in trouble. Instead, if you are going to make a claim, you can say something that you are sure about!

For example – Ladies and Gentlemen! Be ready because you are going to experience a thrill with entertainment on this rock band night!
Or you can go for something better than that. But remember that make some claims that you are concrete about.

You can crack some joke

Well, who does not like jokes? And in fact, the jokes(with some laughter from the listeners) can be a good start for the show. But remember, just like some other options, this can also get you going some other way. If you have the right timing, and the right joke that many people can relate to, you can get a great start for the show.

So, cracking a joke can prove to be a good start for the show. You can plan some jokes, or a small welcome script with a lot of laughter for the audience, with your partner.

You can summarize what is going to happen throughout the event

Well, at the very beginning of the show, you can summarize what is going to happen in the show. Many people are interested in knowing what are they going to witness at the event. So, understanding this, you can summarize the event.


The anchor/host owns the stage and shines on the stage. Much of the flow of the program, and the early success of the program is much dependent on the anchor. So, if you are hosting a show, it is important for you to be confident, and give an energetic start to the show.
We have discussed some of the starting lines, and some tips related to the starting lines as well, which can help you a lot. You can use these lines to tailor your own lines, as per the requirement.

Do not forget to own the stage, since that is going to be your moment! Make a great impression on the audience, with good starting lines.
If you are hosting some show for the first time, being nervous can be a natural state, but understand that you can do it too! Forget about all the things, and just be your best on the stage.

FAQ about Starting lines for anchoring

Q: Who is an anchor?

Ans: Anchor is an individual who hosts the show, and introduces the event. A good portion of the success of an event depends on the performance of the anchor in the event.

Q: How to start anchoring?

Ans: If you are going to host the show, well, you are going to shine on the stage. But the start can be the most difficult to choose, since it is going to put your first impression on the audience, and also, what you say should be relatable to the audience. So, always have a good start that can grab the initial attention of the audience.


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