Report Card Comments

As a teacher, there are periods of pain and workload, when you need to set the papers, check the papers, and when the results are out, create report cards for the students, giving them constructive and insightful reports. Are you also struggling and spending most of your time deciding what to write on the report cards of your students? Well, you might need to fill dozens of report cards with personalized, constructive, and meaningful comments, which would reflect the student’s performance, and also give him/her the direction to improve himself/herself.

Report Card Comments

In this article, we are going to take a look at hundreds of Report card comments curated for you, so that you spend less time thinking, and focus on writing report card comments, that are meaningful, insightful, and provide a direction to the student for betterment. Also, we have tried separating the comments into different sections, like comments for best-performing students, comments, for students with low performance, inspirational comments, for average students, and more, so that you can easily find the comments that you would want to use. Let’s quickly get started with the comments.

Comments for top-performing students

It’s crucial to pen a great comment for top performing students because they do deserve praise on the report card, as they have done good study, made efforts, and got towards the top positions in the class. To appreciate them, you can use the comments given below. Please feel free to use those comments directly, or you can even consider them as inspiration, and create new comments for your loved students.

  • ____________ has worked hard for this exam, and I am proud of his/her achievements.
  • ____________ is so consistent in the class, as well as in the exam. Proud of his/her achievements.

  • ___________ has shown an incredible performance in class, securing top marks in the class. Keep it up!
  • I am so proud to have ________ in my class. He/she is very confident and ethical in the classes, and the papers. He/she has an amazing future ahead.
  • _________ has been consistent in his/her performance. Proud of him/her for all the achievements.
  • An A+ won’t be sufficient to grade _________. His/her performance has been extraordinary. With him/her a great future ahead.
  • __________ is a hard-working student, and I always give his/her example, when we talk about hard work. Keep it up!

  • I love how hard-working and ethical _______ is. I have always been proud of him/her, and will always be. I wish him/her ______ future ahead.
  • I love how motivated __________ is towards studies and exams. It’s a pleasure to have him/her in the class.
  • I enjoy teaching ________. He/she has a great performance in the class and the exams.
  • ________ has shown great performance in the classes, practicals, and exams as well. He/she is a brilliant student.
  • I am very proud of _________. He/she has been the best in the class, and it’s a pleasure to see the consistency throughout the years.
  • _______ is a hard-working student, and I love him to be a part of my class.

  • I would like to say that ______ is my favorite student in the class, and I love how consistent he/she is in the class and exams. I wish him/her continued success.
  • _______ is an all-rounder student. Great in academics, as well as sports. Wish him new heights of success.
  • _______ has shown excellent performance this year/semester. I wish him/her continued success!
  • _______ is a gem of this class. I love how determined he/she is towards academics. I wish him success ahead!

  • _______ is an example of how to keep a balance between academics and games. Gold Performance in both! I wish him/her great Success ahead.
  • _______ has shown an excellent improvement in his grades, moving to the top performers. I am proud of his/her achievements.
  • _______ is a very bright student. I love his/her consistency towards studies and exams. I wish him/her success in the future.

So, the above-presented comments are created, and curated for you, for the top-performing students. You can either use these comments directly, or you can even consider these comments as inspiration, and create your personalized comments for your top-performing comments.

Report Card Comments for Average Students

There are not many toppers in the class, but a large number of students in the class are average students, who need attention, inspiration, and direction so that they can improve. So, here are some of the encouraging, constructive, and directional comments for the average student. As usual, you can either use the comments directly, or you can also consider these as inspiration, and create newer comments for yourself.

  • _______ has shown a good performance this semester/year, but can improve more! All the best.
  • _______ has been consistent in his/her performance this year/semester, but there is scope for improvement.
  • ________ has scored good grades. He/she has been improving, and with more hard work, he/she can improve even more.
  • _______ has been great in some subjects, while struggled in ______ subject. He/she has the potential, and will surely improve.
  • I have closely monitored _______ on his/her performance, and seen that the performance of ______ has been improving! Keep it up!
  • I love how consistent _________ is in the studies. His/her performance is improving, but with a little more practice, he/she can get to the top.
  • _______’s performance has been improving! Can improve more with more practice, and improved attention in classes.

  • _______ has made a great improvement in his/her grades. He is improving in many areas of academics. Keep it up.
  • _______ has made his/her best efforts in this year/semester to secure good grades. Keep it up!
  • _______ has shown a good performance this semester/year, and now we are expecting more from him/her.
  • _______ has shown a greater performance this semester/year than the previous one, and now we are expecting more from him/her.

  • ________ has significant improvement in academics, and has made a balance between sports and academics. Keep it up!
  • _______ enjoys poetry, and literature, and I love how he/she makes a balance between academics and interests! Keep it up!
  • ________ is a creative thinker and a good performer. I love his attitude reflecting that his/her competition is with himself/herself. Keep it up!
  • ______ has got a creative mind! The whole semester/year, he/she has been super creative, and I loved it! Wish him/her success ahead.
  • _______ has good problem-solving skills, and appears to love challenges. Keep it up!
  • Grades of ________ in this semester/year are beyond our expectations. Outstanding!
  • ______ is very good at ______ subject, and it shows that he/she can be better at most of the subjects, with a little added effort. All the best!
  • We can see a significant improvement in __________’s performance, and he/she has increased the bar of expectations from him/her.
  • ________ has made a great improvement in overall academics. I wish all the best to him for the future.
  • ____________’s performance has been improving since last semester/year. I am impressed by his/her performance now, and with little effort, he/she can make it to the top.
  • Impressed with __________’s performance this semester/year. We are expecting more from his/her side.
  • It’s great to see _________’s improving performance. He/she has increased the bar of expectations. Keep it up!

  • ________ has performed well this semester/year. With continuous improvement, he/she can get to the top.
  • It is good to see that _________’s performance is improving. He/she has a good trajectory ahead, and just with a little more effort, he/she can make it to the top.
  • _________ is making a good progress in overall academics, and we are eyeing for a continuous improvement from him/her.

So, the above-presented comments are for some average students in the class. While in most of the classes, there are not many toppers and not many poor scorers, a large number of students from the class are average scorers, which, if given good encouragement, can result in improved performance. So, it’s crucial to comment positively on their reports and give them a good direction towards improvement.

You can either directly use the above-presented comments for your report cards, or you can also consider them as your inspiration, and write your comments, but make sure to encourage these students towards improvement.

Report card comments for poor performance students

In a class, there are many types of students. Some are hard-working, and they score great marks, while there is a big number of students, who score in the middle, but some students are left behind, with poor marks. It could be due to any reason, like they may not be prepared, or they haven’t understood the concept or any unspecified reason.

The key is to encourage these students, not to be disappointed in their grades, but to learn from them, and do everything possible to improve performance in coming years/semesters. This would help them rethink where they are going wrong, and eventually help them correct themselves. So for that, it’s necessary to comment in a good, encouraging, and constructive way, to encourage them for improvement.

As usual, you can either use these comments directly, or consider them as inspirations, and create your comments, to encourage the students.

  • __________ needs to pay more attention, and submit assignments timely.
  • __________ is intelligent, but is not working to his/her fullest. Improvement needed. All the best.
  • ________ should pay more attention in classes, to generate more fruitful results. Expecting improvement next year/semester.
  • I find that _______ finds it hard to focus on academics. While he/she is good at creative skills, overall development is necessary. Can benefit from focus improvement, and doing one thing at a time.
  • I find ______ struggling in academics overall. This may be due to a lack of focus in the classes. He/she is often spotted sleeping or gossiping in class. Needs to fix that.
  • ________ often struggles in academics, and it reflects in his/her examinations. Needs to pay more attention in classes, and do regular practice and studies.
  • __________ appears to have downgraded his/her performance this year. He/she is not organized and needs to improve his/her organizational skills.
  • _________ hasn’t behaved cooperatively this semester/year, and this has been reflected in his/her report card. Needs to improve his attitude and personality.

  • I feel disappointed with the performance of __________ this semester/year. Needs to pay more attention,
  • _______ needs to be more responsible in classes, and exams.
  • I find that _______ is intelligent, but is underperforming due to lack of motivation, or lack of focus. Needs improvement towards that.
  • _________ needs frequent attention, or he/she loses focus towards academics. Needs to improve focus, and needs regular studies.
  • ________ does not cooperate in classes, and during practicals. Need to change the attitude, and behave responsibly.
  • ___________ is struggling in the subject of maths, and needs a lot of improvement and attention in classes.
  • ___________ is good at extracurricular activities, but struggles in academics. Needs improvement in overall academics.
  • ________ has shown a poor performance this semester/year, and needs a significant improvement in overall academics.
  • _________ is often spotted bunking the classes, to play on the grounds. This affects his/her academics. Needs to pay more attention to that.
  • ______ is often seen to struggle to focus in class, which affects his/her ability to engage in class or other activities.
  • __________ has difficulty understanding many basic concepts, so needs to improve his/her attention towards academics in class and needs to regularly study.

So, the above-presented comments are for the students, who performed poorly. It’s important to encourage them towards possible scopes of improvements. The above comments for the students with poor performance can be taken as they are, or you can also consider them as inspirations, and create your comments.

Tips for teachers to write effective comments on report card

Being a teacher, it’s always important for you to write constructive, responsible, and insightful comments for every student so that they can improve in particular areas. You have to keep track of many things while you are writing comments on the student’s report cards. So, here are some useful tips for you, as a teacher, for writing more effective comments on the report card.

  • Most importantly, always use positive language in the comments.
  • Take your time while writing comments, don’t hurry, or you won’t be able to provide constructive feedback to the students.
  • If there is a need for improvement, you would need to provide feedback for improvement, but you should provide constructive criticism, providing direction to the student for improvement.
  • Your comment would matter the most, so be honest. Honest comments with transparent feedback are the key to improvement for any student, and if they don’t understand, do your best to make them understand how to improve.
  • While you are writing comments, it may happen that you would get stuck, and when this happens, just move on to further comments, or some other work, and do it after some time.
  • The comments are going to be read not just by the students, but also by their parents and guardians, so write the comments keeping them in mind.
  • It’s important to proofread the comments so that you convey the right message to the right student through your comments.
  • As a teacher, it’s important to understand that every student matters, so you shouldn’t be comparative, and discriminative, or competitive in your comments.
  • Try to use AI to help you frame your comments in a proper, and respectful way. It will also make it easy for you, to directly get the comments, really personalized for you. You can use ChatGPT, or if you aren’t allowed to use ChatGPT, you can use some other AI tools, like Bard, Claude, Bing AI, and more. Please note that you are just using AI to power up your work,  so that you spend less time thinking and get more things done from your end, and that too, faster than ever.
  • You should be informational, and constructive in your comments.

Following the above tips, you, as a teacher, can write effective comments for the students. Please keep in mind that it’s very important to keep track of every student, and comment mindfully and responsibly for every student.


We saw some Report card comments for students. Since there are different kinds of students in one class, we have separated the comments for the top-performing students, average students, and poor students as well. All the comments are given with improvement, encouragement, and inspiration in mind. You can either use the comments directly, or you can consider them as inspiration, and create your comments.

FAQs related to Report Card Comments

Q: How to write a good comment on the report card?

Ans: To write a good comment on the report card, you should always keep a few points in mind, like giving constructive feedback, praising achievements, staying positive, and writing it in simple language, so that it becomes easy to understand and interpret for the parents as well. This all would make a good comment on the report card.

Q: How to comment on the report card of a student with poor performance?

Ans: Even if a student has poor performance, you should always be encouraging him towards improvement, through constructive feedback, and directional comments in the report card. Try to uplift the student, so that he/she can move towards improvements.

Q: How to praise students’ performance?

Ans: Praising for what the students have achieved is important for every teacher so that they can continue to move towards greater heights of success. You can praise the students’ performance in comments, through constructive, and appreciating remarks in the report card comments.


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