Funny Speech Topics for college Students

Funny speech topics for college students

It is very difficult to script a funny speech because to make someone laugh is the though-test thing. But if you plan properly to select the topic after proper research and execute it with zeal and enthusiasm you will definitely see smiles on the faces of people in the audience.

A good sense of humor is a quality that can not be taught it is instinctive…

If you are a good public speaker you can keep the attention of the audience for a long time if you know the art of humor. In this article, we are going to talk about every aspect of how to deliver an effective funny speech.

Funny Speech Topics for College Students

Funny Speech Topics for college Students
Funny Speech Topics for College Students

How to write a Funny Speech?

1. Research and find the topic:

Select a topic in such a way that you have plenty of information about it. You should have funny examples and funny lines which will you use while delivering the content of your speech.

2. Consider and understand your audience:

If you want to give a successful funny speech you must understand the type of your audience. Different types of audiences like to hear different topics. hence you must consider the following questions

  • What is the common age group of your audience?
  • What is the common thing about your audience?
  • What will your audience like to hear?
  • What kind of humor do they expect in speech?

3. Decide the type of speech you are going to deliver:

The humorously informative and humorous speech are the two types of speech you have to select your speech among them. A humorously informative speech delivers the information in a funny way while the intent of the humorous speech is humor only.

If you are delivering a humorous informative speech you first should write down the informative part of your speech and then write jokes and funny lines next to the topic.

4. Decide your ideas and goal:

Once you decide on the topic now you should decide on the ideas and goal of your speech. Which ideas do you what to communicate to your audience and what is the goal of your conversation with the audience you should know this in advance

5. Think about your main points:

Now is time to think about the main points. Divide the content of your speech into main points and sub-points. You should not speak about the topic with which you are not comfortable you should sort only those points with which you are comfortable and you can add humor to it

6. Deliver the speech clearly and understandably:

You should use simple language to deliver the speech. You should not use complicated words and long sentences. Your speech should include simple words and short sentences. The example you give to create humor in speech should be relevant and easy to understand.

7. Use Vivid and Particular adjectives:

We should use vivid and clear words in our speech because it makes our speech more understandable and easy to comprehend.

8. Get Inspired:

if you want to make someone laugh then your own mood should be elevated and happy. you should be inspired to talk about the topic in a funny way for that to get yourself inspired you should watch funny movies, television, or comedy show. You may read some jokes and funny articles from books

9. Record the Speech you Practice:

When you practice the speech video record yourself this will help you to clear the errors from your speech easily you can also audio record yourself if video recording is not available. You can evaluate the speed with which you are speaking whether you are speaking too quickly or slowly. Are you using ‘um’ excessively? This process will help you to improve the presentation.

Funny Speech Topics:

  1. Why the Barbie Doll is an icon.
  2. Funny names to call your tutors.
  3. The Joke that backfired.
  4. Last day at School/College
  5. Women behaving badly
  6. My American Idol Audition
  7. Men behaving badly
  8. My Most Embarrassing Moment
  9. How I ran away from home
  10. How to cheat Monopoly
  11. The joke that backfired
  12. The 3 biggest lies at school
  13. On my first day at school
  14. Why mom knows best
  15. The worst joke ever

FAQ About Funny Speech Topics for College Students

Q. Which is the most important thing that you should keep in mind when delivering a funny speech?

Ans: The most important thing is the type of audience their age group and professional background should also be considered.

Q. What is the first step of delivering a funny speech?

Ans: The first step of delivering a funny speech is research and selection of the topic. How much information you have about the topic and how you can explain that topic to the audience by giving funny examples decide the quality of humor you will create on stage.

Q. What is the standard of language you should use for funny speech?

Ans: You should use simple and understandable language jokes should be easy to understand and logical they should make sense of non-sense.

Q. How you should inspire yourself to give a funny speech?

Ans: If you want to make other laughs then your mood should be internally happy for that you may watch comedy movies, comedy tv shows, read some jokes book, etc.


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