How to Write a Good Essay in English for Students

Good Essay Writing Structure

writing is one kind of lifetime hobby for someone, Also in our school or college life, we have to do essay writing tasks. By essay writing, we are getting marks too, But some students are getting good marks in essay writing while many students do not score that much in that.

This article will be helpful for everyone especially for students, Because writing an essay is not compulsory only in school or colleges. Some competitive exams also give marks for writing a good essay.

If you are excited and want to know how to construct a good essay, Then you must have to read the whole article. All your doubts will be clear about this topic and it will help you to create a good essay.

How to Write a Good Essay in English for Students

How to Write Good Essay
How to Write a Good Essay

Tips to Write Good Essay

Before entering into the topic you must have to get know about some important key points, Which are so important to create an impressive essay. Let’s see the points given below.

  • Write the Introduction of the Essay.
  • Well Arranged Thesis
  • The main Body of the Essay Must be Related to the Topic.
  • Add some beautiful & Motivational Quotes Related to the Topic.
  • Add some Innovative Ideas or Thoughts According to Essay Subject.
  • Add Conclusion.
  • Give Finishing Touch To Essay
  • Vocabulary, Sentence Formation, and Paragraph Should be neat and well arranged, Also Point of View about the topic must be clear.

One by one Let’s get to know elaborative information on all the above topics So that it will be easy for you to get understand this concept.

1. Write The Introduction of the Essay:

Whenever you start to write an essay, The first important thing is you should have that much information and knowledge about the topic of the essay. So that you can start an essay with a basic introduction about the topic, And it is necessary for every kind of essay.

Introduction words should be limited but in a few words, you have to be capable to give an introduction to the main topic of the essay. For example, If the topic is “My Nation” here is the name of the nation, Its area, and Its continent-related information is essential in the introduction. You can add one sentence at the end of the introduction like you are going to explain this topic in a descriptive way.

2. Well Arranged Thesis:

As told earlier you have to well enough information related to the specific topic on which you are going to write down an essay. The thesis is a very important part of the essay in other words we can say, As much thesis is well constructed with impressive sentences, Vocabulary that many essays will be good to read.

So try to collect vast information from various types of sources, Read or watch documentaries and books. Also, you can get the information from some trusted information sources, which will surely be helpful for you to gain more knowledge. In this way, you can create a well-arranged thesis, which will definitely make your essay quite impressive.

3. Main Body of Essay Must be Related to Topic:

The main body is the most vital part of every type of essay, Here you have to explain the main information about the essay. Like accordingly subject you can provide more extra information here, Also you can mention your innovative idea as well as brief history related to a specific topic.

During the write main body of the essay in a few words, you can explain much more information. To do that, Such kind of trusted information you should have already collected. One thing always keeps in mind is much the main body is well arranged, Neat, and written in clear words many essays will be attractive.

4. Add Some Beautiful & Motivational Quotes Concerned to Topic:

The quote is a simple way to express big sentences into short words, Also it makes it more attractive and impressive to any kind of content. During essay formation, you always try to use topic-related inspirational quotes. It going to increase the weightage and readability of the essay.

5. Add Some Innovative Ideas or Thoughts Related to Topic:

You can get any kind of topic into school or colleges exam for essay writing. So that time after covering all essential point-related information in the main body, you have to move towards explaining some innovative ideas and thoughts of your mind.

In technology, general science, and social science-related topic you can add your ideas and point of view. Surely this thing can make beautiful your way of expression in the essay.

6. About Vocabulary, Sentence Formation, Paragraph & Point of View:

Your point of view about the topic must be clear & Neutral, If you have some ideas or thoughts you can specially mention them, But always try to be neutral during the formation of the essay.

Try to write well and neat structure of sentences, Never try to use confusion-creating words in an essay. Rather than focus on paragraph making in right place with appropriate word selection for sentences.

Vocabulary is so important but your words should be enough and easy to get understood by the next person. So try to work on this thing, Also in your free time, you can do extra practice on this thing. It can improve your essay creation ability.

7. Give Finishing Touch To Essay:

When you have covered almost all desirable points in an essay as per the word limit, And you want to end the essay then never try to quit the essay directly or suddenly.

Your essay finishing should be in a specific way or we can say there should be a finishing touch. Like you can add a conclusion and in that way, you can finish the essay. Never try to create a feeling in the next person’s mind, like you have finished an essay in such a hurry. Keep in mind all of these things than finish an essay.

So these all are some important instructions and suggestions to create a good essay. Hope you have understood all of this information as well it will be beneficial for you. Stay connected with us…

Quiz on Essay Writing

Q. What are the important and essential things to construct a good essay?

Ans: Well arranged thesis, Appropriate vocabulary, Finishing touch, Correct sentence formation and Proper paragraph arrangement, Introduction to an essay, Inspirational Quotes, Innovative thoughts & Ideas, Informative main body, etc.

Q. Which kind of information is essential to add to the essay introduction?

Ans: Introduction is the part of the essay, where you have to add only basic information about the essay. It should be well enough to explain the motive of the essay in a short description.

Q. What are the benefits of Quotes in an essay?

Ans: Quote is a simple way by which you can express a big meaningful thing in a few words or in a very short description. By using quotes essays become more impressive and quite attractive, Also they are increasing readability.

Q. Why finishing touch is so important in an essay?

Ans: When you create the whole essay in an appropriate way at that time, You can’t quit or finish the essay suddenly or in hurry. Such things are surely decreasing the quality of the essay or it is not up to the mark creation. That is why there should be the proper finishing touch to the essay so that the next person could get understand the exact end of the essay.

Q. What is the difference between general essay and narrative essay formation?

Ans: General essay is a description of any specific topic where you can write general information, Where related to the topic you can add several types of information. While a narrative essay is one kind of story-type description, where any specific person can explain his/her life incidence or specific moments related to information. So narrative essay formation should be always a story-type description, While general essay formation is totally opposite of this.


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