New Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

Business Ideas with Low Investment

Starting your own new business is quite a risk and can sometimes be tricky but believe it or not, nothing can beat the feeling of being your boss. Starting a business may sound difficult as it comes along with the risk of money, time, and other investments but this all depends upon the type of business you chase.

But on contrary to popular belief, there are many ways for a start-up plan with low investment. This plan can make a great entry point for beginners, boot-strappers, or anyone who wishes to have a side business. When you think of a new business start-up, the first thought that pops up is ‘What to sell?’ or ‘Which market will have the most money?’ or we sometimes doubt our skills. But moreover these you should be clear about the basic concepts of the market otherwise it can lead to an unsuccessful business hand.

At the same time, these small-scale business ideas can be started by students, youth, or housewives running as a part-time side business. For inspiration, you can consider the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos who established an online e-commerce company within a room only by selling books but now the company has increased its trade from books to other essential categories. According to the 2018 census, he was found one of the richest people in the world.

In this article, we will help you with some start-up and low-investment business ideas. Today the whole world is interconnected through the internet; it can be one of the ideas for a start-up. Selling and buying of products online is a new trend and so one can try hand in this field.

New Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

Business Ideas with Low Investment
Business Ideas with Low Investment

Here below some best business to start with little money

  • Mobile Phone Repair/ Accessories/ Recharge:

Today mobile is so used technology that its use is increasing day by day and is expected to be used more in the future. Sometimes, excessive use of cell phones doesn’t let them work properly and it becomes necessary to repair it, sometimes it also needs to be formatted. Along with that the other accessories like the mobile cover, earphones, screen guard also comes in demand. SIM cards and recharge of the phone can also be done as it required for access to the phone. The business can be started with the low venture and later it can be further extended with further assets. this can prove a good business idea in small investment.

  • Dietary Consultancy Services:

Dietary consultancy services can opt as a private business that offers nutritional advice. Health concerns have shifted public mindsets about health care to prevent treatments. This has ultimately lead people to follow the diet rules and charts to have a healthy life. If you are interested in helping to shape your community into wellness, working as a nutritional advisor can bring you to work in public welfare. Looking towards this growing demand one can also hire a consultant and run their business.

  • Party Planning:

If you have helped to organize some events before and if you think you can make a career in this area, then you can give a try to this start-up for once. Today there are several theme parties arranged daily and if you can understand the need of customers, this can prove a good business in low investment.

  • Event Management Business:

If you wish to try your hand at business and you do not have enough funds to invest, you can try event management and earn good revenues. Event management is a fast upcoming business option owing to the increasing trend in the retail and marketing sectors. An interesting area in event management organizes parties and disco nights.

People being busy cannot arrange parties and weddings by themselves and they need an event manager to arrange parties for them. Looking towards the trend you can choose this path of business and earn good money.

  • Beauty Parlour Business:

Again looking at the silver screen everyone today is expecting to look beautiful, smart, and stylish. It is now easily possible with plenty of make-up products and this is why beauty salons are now a leading business. Every woman today looks forward to beauty salons for hairdressing, grooming, or to look beautiful. The business can be started from home at a very low cost. 3 months beautician course is all required to start up a new business plan.

  • Social Media Services:

Social media has changed the total outlook of online marketing, advertising, and ways of publicity. Be it an established brand or any business, social media has played a very prime role in raising business as compared to the regular market. Through social media, it is possible to advertise and make publicity for our product which helps in increases in business. Other than this, intending to grow in the market, social media launches new applications all the time.

A business that can be done through Social media services:

  • For this, you have to replace the existing idea with a new idea and will need to bend creatively and uniquely.
  • Full-fledged app development will be required to create the app.
  • An advertiser will be required for pricing and promotion.
  • Target and distribute the right segment of the audience.

In this way, social media provides a huge platform for new business start-up and are in search of it. Along with this, you can plan to start your own company which can be advertised through the blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. The increasing use of social media can help this growing business.

  • General Store Business:

The general store business can also be a good idea for a start-up. It can become a good choice looking towards rising inflation and increasing the use of essential goods which can become a good earning source in the future.

  • Real Estate Business:

The thought of being a real estate agent can make you feel rich. Buying a home or building it for you is the basic need of every human. Some people instead of building a new home buy the flats that are already constructed in society. Searching a home can be a difficult task and you can help these people is finding their homes is a real estate broker. These brokers help in finding the house depending upon the desired community and demands of the costumers. In return to this, they earn based on commission.

  • Professional Freelancer:

Freelancer is another way of earning money. Sitting at home, one can work as a freelancer. Some people are earning money by working at the agency. If you are capable of web designing, software development, writing, photo editing, or the translation you can work being a freelancer and earn a good amount of money in this field.

Being freelancer you can work on your conditions and there are different ways to practice in this field. In the world of digitalization, the scope of a freelancer is increased.

  • Bakery Business:

Bakery business is also a good start-up plan as it requires very low investment and along with that, it is a long time business that can be done from home itself. The business can be improved with new ideas in real marketing and extra services such as home delivery of the products.

  • Home Canteen:

The home canteen is also one of the best business ideas as it has more profit than the invested amount. Most of the office workers and people who live away from their home towns suffer in case of food. Serving food to these people at their office can be a good business. This work can be done sitting at home and preparing food for them,

  • Yoga Classes:

As we know people are getting health conscious and it is difficult for them to maintain their health in these busy schedules. But people are trying hard to maintain their lifestyle and you can help them if you are known for the yoga exercises.

If you wish to help people maintain and shape their life and if you think you are capable enough to teach and practice yoga classes, this can be a good business option for you. The classes can be started at home in a very small space and no investment is required.

Other than this, some more business ideas can be done with low investment and earn more profit. But before entering any of the business fields you must think about your area of interest. This is very important; otherwise, no business can make you successful. Think about innovative ideas and new trends before investing your interest in any business plan.

Best 10 Business Ideas with Low Investment in India (No Inventory Required)

Hey, all we are here today with a profitable and interesting topic which will help you to start earning money in low investments. We are going to discuss small business ideas in India that will need less investment and will give you lots of profit. So here we are some of the famous and profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment, by which anyone can start their own business and earn money. So let’s start.

Business Ideas with Low Investment
Business Ideas with Low Investment

Let’s see Low-cost Business Ideas with High Profit

1)  Tuition:

It is a cost-efficient business as there is no investment needed to start this business. There are many teachers who provide tuitions at their own homes in a single room. By this, it the zero budget business and give a lot and a lot of profit.

There are many students who need guidance in studies or particular subjects besides schools. You can provide tuition for students from 6th standard to 12th standard. There are many students who are weak in their studies and they need a good teacher for guidance. You also have the option of tuitions for higher classes or special courses that are also called crash courses.

  • Skills: You need a good knowledge of the particular subject of which you are taking tuitions.
  • Investments: Generally it does not need funds as it can be started from home, but still if you take a hall or room on rent and little furniture like chairs and tables for students it will be approximately 1-1.5 lacks.
  • Requirements: 1 hall or room and Chairs as per requirements, tables, Blackboard, etc.

Tips: This business is for who loves to teach children or students or who is a teacher in any school and wants to start their own tuition class.

2) Travel Agency:

Travel Agency is one of the best small businesses. In this rush full life, many peoples sometimes need a break from it, so by this business one can provide service to them. It is a little hard to build clients, but if the service is good then it will easy to build clients.

Travel Agency is one of the most common and profitable businesses in India. It is good to start this business and earns funds quickly. This business has no seasons for profit as you can provide your service as per the requirements of your clients.

  • Skills: For this, not many skills are needed, just need the basic knowledge of computers just for booking tickets online and good communication skills.
  • Investments: It will need an investment of nearly 1-2 lacks.
  • Requirements: 1 office at the approachable area as per your city, 2-3 members for coordination, 3-4 computers, contacts with the bus services companies, etc.

Tips: This Business is suitable for anyone who loves to travel.

3) Graphic Designing:

There are many requirements for graphic designers in this digital world. In this field of graphic design, you can choose your own side as it has both sides of income. You can choose a job in graphic designing or you can start your own graphic business.

This field is more profitable when you work freely. So it is better to start a business than doing a job for better profit. It is a low investment business that can give you lots of profit once you start working. This business needs a creative mind and a sense of design.

  • Skills: You need to nearly expert in graphics works for this business. You should have all the needed knowledge of all software that is used for designing.
  • Investment: this business needs a simple budget of roughly 50,000 – 1 lack.
  • Requirement: 1-2 computers, small place for working, 2 staff members (If Needed), need to contact with lots of clients for work.

Tips: anybody can start this business that has good knowledge and experience of graphic design.

4) Mobile Recharge and repairing store:

As per information, the ratio of smartphone users is increasing day by day in India, as there are many companies who are launching their new mobiles with updated features in markets. Many companies are manufacturing the mobiles as per user of India and the smartphone market is growing widely in India.

As per the above information, this business will be the most profitable for anyone who has knowledge of mobiles. It is one of the common businesses in India, as this business need low fund to start and need a small place for setup and gives you more and more profit as the business grow.

  • Skills: you need knowledge of mobile repairing, basic knowledge of computers.
  • Investments: This business needs a budget of approximately 1-1.5 lack.
  • Requirements: 1 small shop in the rush area as per city, 1 computer, mobile repairing tool and need to contact cellular companies like Airtel, Vodafone, etc. for the recharge vouchers and balance.

Tips: This business is best for everyone and also for the young generation like college students who are interested in mobiles and have good knowledge of it.

5) Nursery:

This is not the nursery of schools; this is the nursery where all the garden plants or trees are available for selling. You can start your own nursery and start your income by selling trees or plants. Peoples are tree lovers or they always decorate their gardens with new plants and trees.

This is a less investment business which can give you lots of profit. You just need to keep all new plants of all types. There are many varieties of plants and trees and there also seasonable plants.

  • Skills: you do not need any special skills for this business just need information about plants and trees and their all varieties.
  • Investments: This business needs nearly 2 lack as per will need to buy a lot of plants and trees.
  • Requirements: 1 huge space for keeping all plants and trees that you will buy, 2-3 helpers.

Tips: This business is for everyone who loves gardening or has some information about plants.

6) Tiffin/Mess or Meal service:

Today the demands of tiffin are increasing in offices and students who stay in rooms. This business can be started from home as you can deliver the tiffin to the customers. This is a low budget business which does not need any extra shop or extra investments.

Once you started giving good service and good quality food to your customers after that you will get more customers. Just start with quality food and contact companies and make ads in colleges, offices from where you can get customers.

  • Skills: You need good at cooking and have knowledge of varieties of foods as per customer’s choice.
  • Investments: This business needs approximately 1 lack.
  • Requirements: Tiffin box as per requirements, good quality in food, bike to deliver tiffin, 2-3 members for support, etc.

Tips: This business is best for women, housewives, and those who love cooking.

7)  Photographer:

If you have the passion of clicking photos of every movement and want to make a career in photography. Then photography itself is business and occupations, you can start your own business of photography and earn a lot of profits.

There are some separate fields in this business as you can choose one of them and start a business. The fields are given below:

  • Wedding photographer
  • Event photographer
  • Modeling photographer
  • Wildlife photographer

The above fields are available in this business from which you can choose one or two at a time start business. This business is simple and profitable as it does not need a lot of budget to start. Just you need a professional camera and professional training in a particular field.

  • Skills: you will need professional skills in photography and you should have good knowledge of a particular field.
  • Investments: this business does not need much budget but if you are setting up a studio then the budget will be nearly 2-3 lacks.
  • Requirements: Professional cameras and other required equipment for photography.

Tips: This business for everyone, but special for those who love to click photos of every movement.

8) Aquariums or Fish:

There are many people who have fishes as their pets at home. People love to keep fishes in the house for a show and many people love fishes as their pets. A lot of people makes a special place in the house for fishes at a high cost.

It can give a lot of profit in low investments. You just need to take the information about importing fishes for selling them and also keep accessories of fishpond or aquariums. You can also provide readymade or handmade fishpond to customers as per requirements.

  • Skills: You will need good knowledge about fishes and their species and all other deep knowledge.
  • Investments: You will need nearly 1-2 lacks of budget to set up this business.
  • Requirements: 1 shop in the approachable area, fishponds to keep fishes, a lot of water and a lot of fishes, and other accessories as per requirements.

Tips: This business is for those who love fishes and underwater world.

9) Book store:

In this rapidly growing digital world today many people read books online or in digital format. But there are so many people who still love to read books in paper format. If you are a book lover or have great collections of different books or want to spread information through books then you can start your own book store.

This business does not need much budget or huge space, just need space or store in the market place depend on the city you live in. People who love to read they will reach to you and buy the books, you just to promote little your store by ads in markets.

  • Skills: This business does not any skills, just need deep information on all books.
  • Investments: this business needs approximately 1-2 lacks for setting up the book stores.
  • Requirement: 1 store, 2-3 members as a helper, little bit furniture.

Tips: This business can start by anyone and by any age group like youngsters to old age people.

10) Advertising Agency:

In this busy and digital world, every company or shop or other working area needs advertisement and they provide this work to advertising agencies. This business is best to make money in fewer investments and can earn a lot of profit.

You can start this business from home for saving the extra investment. After this, you will need to contact many companies or clients for their advertisements and then start your work. There are some options to publish the ads in the media world, the options are given below:

  • TV Channels
  • News Channels
  • Websites
  • Newspaper
  • Youtube

You can provide all the above options to your clients and give a chance to choose where they want to publish their adds.

  • Skills: you should have knowledge and expertise in designing and also have knowledge of marketing.
  • Investments: This business needs very less investment.
  • Requirements: you will need computers for working, 2-3 members for help.

Tips: This business is everyone who can work on designing and marketing.


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