What is Note Making Methods & Format with Examples

What is Note Making

In academic studies, you learn about how to make notes to get marks. But later, you forget it. And hence we chose this topic for today’s article. So lets start:

Note making is very essential for school students as well as for all those who preparing for the competitive exams and who are in the profession of journalism. It saves your time.

Many students have the problem about studies that they can not remember what they have read. You read all the information but unable to recollect at the time of exam. This problem can be solved by the note making.

This is effective way of study. While reading You can add simple words in the replacement of the difficult words used in sources. In this way you can remember all you read and save your time.

Note Making

Note Making

Today we are discussing about following points:

  • What is note making?
  • Some important features of note making
  • How to make notes?
  • What should write in note making?
  • Format of effective note making

What is note making?

It is not just writing down everything you hear or read. It is a process of reviewing, connecting and synthesizing ideas from your sources.

In note making, you need to read the given information carefully. Observe each and every important point and underlined it. Write these points in a systematic manner.

For those, who are preparing for the competitive exams, knows that they could not find all information needed in just one book. So they need to refer many such kinds of books. So students, while reading all these books keep a notebook and pencil with you.

Note down and understand the important information. Finally collect all the information and organize it well. Write down it in systematic and logical manner. It will help you to remember the the topic easily.

Note making is very important in the journalism sector. While reporting speeches or press conferences, reporters note down it in abbreviations and later on extend in details. While reporting an interview, note making is useful.

All this process is called as note making.

What is need of note making?

Note making a skill of writing important details from book, article or oral discussion. It saves our time to read complete informative sources. It gives us a glimpse of all information in short way.

Many times you have so much material to read. And you do not have enough time to read it all. Then you get frustrated. At that time you can take help of note making.

You just have to mark important sentences and write down it in your rough book. Underline all the topic related information or highlight it. Then arrange all the information in systematic way and start note making.

You read all the information given in sources (e.g. Books, magazines, novels etc.). But language used in these sources, is little but difficult. So what you can do, is to make notes from such sources in your language.

Importance of note making:

  • Time saving : It saves readers time to go through bulky informative books.
  • Helps to remember much information in short way. Since you write it, you know about it very well.
  • It helps in summarizing, understanding and provides a permanent record.
  • Because it is written in our own language, it helps us to fast recognition.
  • Making notes allows you to reduce the unnecessary information.
  • Stay you active and engaged, during lecture.
  • Since your information is point wise and well organised, it helps to save much efforts to learn topic.
  • Keeps information handy whenever we require.
  • It keeps a lot of information in short and simple format.

How to make notes?

  • Ignore the unnecessary information.
  • Never lose the main concept.
  • Avoid to use long sentences.
  • Use proper abbreviations.
  • Make outline of what you are going to write.
  • Gather all information then summarize it.
  • Try to make notes in your own language.
  • You can add flow charts or tree charts to it.
  • Arrange logical connections between two sentences.
  • Cover all the important points.
  • Try to use key words.
  • Use bullets points.

What should write in note making?

Following points should be added in the note making:

  1. Heading.
  2. Subheading.
  3. Points.
  4. Sub-points.
  5. Sources of information.
  6. Abbreviations chart.

Format of note making :


1. Sub-heading 1

a. Point 1

a. 1.1 Sub-point 1

a. 1.2 Sub-point 2

a. 1.3 Sub-point 3

2. Sub-heading 2

a. Point 1

b. Point 2

b. 2.1 Sub-point 1

b. 2.2 Sub-point 2

Abbreviation chart:

Chart of some commonly used abbreviations:

<!– wp:table {“className”:”is-style-stripes”} –>
<table class=”wp-block-table is-style-stripes”>
<tr><td> <strong>&</strong></td><td>And</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>W/</strong></td><td> With</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>B/c</strong></td><td> Because</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>e.g.</strong></td><td>For example</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>i.e.</strong></td><td> That is/ that means</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>b/4</strong></td><td> Before</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>st.</strong></td><td> Something</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong> < </strong></td><td> Less than</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>↑</strong></td><td> Increasing</td></tr>
<tr><td><strong>XX</strong></td><td>Definitely not</td></tr>

<!– /wp:table –>

FAQs about Note Making:

1. Is note making effective for study?

Ans: Yes. It is very effective way of study.

2. What are the advantages of note making?

Ans: It is time saving, helps in the remember the long topic in short way.

3. How can I remember what I read?

  • The best way to remember is making notes.
  • Note down all the important points from the passage. Revision on it.
  • Try to visualize what you are reading.
  • Organize the information and write in systematic way.

4. Where can we use note making skill in government sectors?

Ans: In government sectors there are some posts like: stenographer in courts, P.A. of government officials and ministers etc.

5. What are different types of note making?
Ans :

  • Writing on Slides
  • The outline method
  • Charting method
  • Cornell method
  • Sentence method
  • Mind mapping method
  • Flow notes method


This is all about note making. Now it is completely depends upon you how you make notes. As your need you can make it. But we just like to say that, make habit of note making. It will helps you in whatever profession you are.


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