How to Prepare Project Certificate with Examples

How to Prepare Project Certificate with Examples

Hello friends. Today we are present here with an important topic. Today’s topic is project certificates. Yes, all of us know the importance of submission.

On this day, we take the sign of our teachers or HODs on the certificate. But sometimes we do not know how to prepare this certificate. And we are not able to take the sign on that day.

Many of us then get very nervous. But now you do not need to get worried about this problem. Because our today’s topic is based upon this problem only. Yes friends, today we are going to discuss the ‘Project or Assignment Certificate‘.

In the last of this article, we are giving you some formats of these certificates. So read this article carefully. And write your own certificate and earn valuable marks. So let’s get started.

How to Prepare Project Certificate with Examples

Project Certificate
Project Certificate

How to Prepare Project Certificate

Let’s first see, how to write a project.

How to write the project?

This completely depends upon the topic of the project. All the valuable information about the topic that should be covered in the project is a must. Arrange your information in a systematic way.

Information you gather must be true and topic related. Decide how you want to represent your project. You can use some tables, diagrams, flow charts or pictures also. Decorating the project is also an important thing.

Make a rough idea on paper about the points to cover in the project. It gathers material and information. Try to present information in short words. Write it points to point.

What is a project or assignment certificate?

It is a certificate that is attached to the project or assignment. When you complete a given project or assignment then you have to take a signature on this certificate. This signature may be of the teacher’s or HOD or both.

What is the need for Project Certificates?

In schools or colleges, a teacher gives us some topics to write projects on it. This is because they want to see our thoughts or knowledge about that particular topic.

These projects also carry some marks. So it is very must to complete these projects. Anyhow students complete these projects. But finally, on the day of submission, they can not submit the project. Because teachers ask for the certificate. At this time we need this certificate, to get maximum marks.

How to write Project Certificate?

It depends on the topic of the project. There are different types of these certificates. You can see some examples given below:

Project Certificate Format 1.


      This is to certify that …….(your name)…….. of class ….(your class)….. has successfully completed his/her project on topic …….(project name)…….. as prescribed by Mr./Miss/Mrs./Prof……….(teacher’s name)………. during the academic year….(year)……. as per the guidelines given by…..(department name)…….

Sign of external

Teacher’s name
(                         )

Project Certificate Sample 2.


     This is to certify that the ……(project name)…….. is submitted by the ………(your name)……. under the supervision of …..(your teacher’s name)……in the academic

Sign of teacher                                                 Sign of external

Sample of Project Completion Certificate 3.


This certificate is given to ……(your name)………. for successful submission of the project on the topic……(project name)………. under the department of ……(department name)………. for the academic year…..(year)………..

Department name                                               Sign of external

     H.O.D. Sign


Smart Tips:

  • Cover your project book properly.
  • Use colorful pens and pencils.
  • Try to write in good handwriting.
  • Use the project charts.


In this way, you can earn more marks. Other than the above if you have any idea then you can apply. Finally, we only say that a neat and clean project is better to get good marks.

Project Certificate Quiz Answers

Q. How can I make my project more interesting?

Ans: The well-organized project is always interesting. Make sure that your project book is neat and clean.

Q. How can I earn more marks?

Ans: Decorate your project as per the project topic. This will help you to get more marks.

Q. How do I beautify my project?

Ans: You will find the answer in the article. Add diagrams, pictures, and tables to it.

Q. Is it a must to attach the certificate to the project book?

Ans: Yes. It is proof of your project completion.


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