50 Quick Report Card Comments for Teachers

For a teacher, it is very important to give inspiring, truthful but kind comments to every student on the report card. While writing the comment, you need to take many things into account, and sometimes, it can become difficult to write report card comments from scratch for every student.

Understanding this, we have come up with 50+ quick report card comments, which you can make use of, or you can take them as inspirations for tailoring your comments for the students. So, let’s now dive into the report card comments.

50 Quick Report Card Comments

Things to remember while writing report card comments

  • Write truthful comments, but be kind
    There are students in the class, who are struggling with their grades, so it can be difficult to write remarks/comments about them. You have to be truthful with the parents, but you should be kind with what you write since it is going to have a great impact on the parents, as well as the students. The report card is an honest reflection of the student’s performance.
  • Avoid writing negative things
    When you are writing comments, especially for underperforming students, you should avoid writing any statement, which would tamper with the spirits of students as well as their parents.
  • Don’t forget to cross-check the comments
    When you are tailoring comments for each student, it is important to cross-check the comments, to avoid any irrelevant or misleading information or feelings related to the student, since you might need to write many such comments.

So, keeping some of these things in mind is important, since it has a great impact on the student and the parents as well. So now, let’s have a look at different comments for the report cards, which you can use, or you can consider them as an inspiration for tailoring your comments.

We have categorized the comments here, for the different students, like excellent students, or the students who need improvement, so you can choose to take the comments according to the requirements.

Comments for successful students

  • John/Alice is dedicated to their studies and is always eager to learn new skills.
  • Your child has an outstanding performance in both academics and sports. He/she is an all-rounder.
  • In comparison to the start of the reporting year, your child has improved significantly.
  • Your child has significantly improved this year, and I wish him all the best for the future.
  • Your child is very intelligent and organized. You should be proud of what your child has achieved this year.
  • Your child is an ideal student and a motivation for other students in the school.
  • John / Alice has earned Excellent grades, and we are very happy about his / her achievement.
  • John / Alice has performed above expectations, and we are very happy about his performance and improvement this year.
  • John / Alice has made great progress in academics. We hope that the improvement continues.
  • I am amazed at the improvement in your child! Outstanding!
  • We are proud to see the improvement in John / Alice in terms of academics. Well done!
  • Your child is very hard-working and talented.
  • Your child is an outstanding student and has significantly improved this year.
  • I am glad to see the improvement John / Alice has made this year.
  • John’s / Alice’s hard work and dedication have been reflected in his / her grades! Well done!
  • Exceptional performance from John / Alice this year.
  • Your child is very attentive in class, and also a good explorer.
  • Great to see the constant improvement in your child.
  • John / Alice is a very good student and is attentive in class, and helpful too.
  • John / Alice is a very responsible student, and very good at academics.
  • Your child is constantly improving in academics, and we hope that this continues.
  • Your child is very hard-working, talented, and intelligent.
  • Your child is one of the most hard-working students in the class. He is a joy to have in class.
  • Your child is one of the most creative students in my class, and he is a very good student.
  • Your child enjoys learning and exploring new things. We appreciate this because this is a rare quality in the class.
  • Your child has significantly improved in both grades and personal development. We appreciate his performance.
  • His / her report card reflects how much hard work he/she has done to achieve this. So proud.

So, these were some comments, for the students with considerable, good, great, or even outstanding performance. You can use these comments as your inspiration, and tailor your comments for your students.

Now, let’s have a look at some comments, for the students who need some improvements. Note that even if the student has underperformed, you should not criticize the student or the parents for anything, but just highlight the areas where improvement is needed.

Comments for students who need improvements

  • John / Alice has great potential but lags due to several reasons. You are capable of doing and achieving more.
  • John / Alice has trouble learning new things, but he/she has great potential and can perform significantly well in comparison to the current grades.
  • It seems that John / Alice is struggling to recall the concepts, so he/she needs to do some practice at home. We hope to see the improvement.
  • John / Alice need to concentrate more on their studies. He/she is good at studies, but he/she can do much better than this. With more practice and more concentration, we can see much growth.
  • You can do much more than this, just you need to focus more on your studies.
  • John / Alice should take his / her education more seriously.
  • John / Alice is at times unable to complete the given tasks in time. Need to work on time management, and also need to focus more on my studies.
  • John / Alice is capable of doing more than this. With more practice and consistency, he/she can surely achieve more. Good Luck!
  • John / Alice is an attentive student in class, but this is not reflected in the tests or the examinations. He/she needs to concentrate more and practice more.
  • John / Alice is often seen struggling with recalling the concepts or doing the given tasks. Consistency and continuous efforts should show much performance improvement.
  • John / Alice is good at some subjects but has underperformed in some other subjects. So, we need to overall concentrate on the other subjects, to improve our grades.
  • John / Alice needs to be a good listener. He/she does not seem to listen to the instructions in class.
  • John / Alice is often seen with the wrong company in the school. He/she has great potential, but with the right surroundings and friends, he/she can further improve.
  • John / Alice is good at studies, but we need to work more on his / her handwriting since at times, teachers are in trouble while they read his handwriting.
  • John / Alice is not so attentive in class, so at times, he/she has trouble writing the assignments, or in the examinations. So, we need to keep a watch on that.
  • We expect some extra effort from John / Alice since he/she has a lot of potential.
  • John / Alice is afraid to be attentive in class. Need to improve in that.
  • John / Alice should ask for help when he/she is struggling to understand the concept, or in doing the assigned tasks.
  • John / Alice is a good kid but needs to improve more in terms of consistency and focus.
  • John / Alice seems to be struggling with the tasks. Need to improve in that.
  • John / Alice is overall good at academics but needs to focus more on regular studies.
  • John / Alice is underperforming in all the subjects and need to pay more attention to their studies.
  • John / Alice needs to be actively present in the class and needs to significantly improve in many areas.
  • John / Alice gets easily distracted by other students in the class. Needs to improve focus.
  • John / Alice is quite slow in doing all the tasks. Needs to improve significantly.
  • Due to a lack of focus and consistency, John / Alice is behind in the class. But with consistency, we can see significant improvement.

So, these were some comment examples, for the students, who need some improvement. You can use these comments, or use them as inspirations, for tailoring your comments, for all your students.


Comments play a very important role in conveying student performance to the student and the parents as well. In this article, we have seen some example comments, which you can use directly, or you can use them as inspiration for tailoring your comments. Make sure to be kind, and optimistic in the comments, since negative stuff can tamper the spirit of students, as well as the parents.

FAQ about 50 Quick Report Card Comments

Q: How to give comments to students on the report card?

Ans: When we give comments to the students on the report card, we should be trustful, but kind in the comments, since any negative stuff can tamper the spirits of students and the parents as well.

Q: How should we give feedback to weak students?

Ans: For a weak student, we should give feedback, which is truthful but kind, and optimistic, since this feedback is going to have a lot of impact on the student, and the parents as well. Your feedback should be to uplift the student so that the student tries more and more to improve shortly.

Q: How important is the comment in the report card?

Ans: A comment in the report card is very important since it is going to reflect the student’s performance. It should be honest, to the point, truthful but kind, and optimistic.


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