Best Tips for Letter Writing for Students

Best Tips for Letter Writing

Communication has several types of forms, If you think letter writing was the only medium in ancient times for communication and it is waste of time in the modern era then somewhere you are wrong. Though nowadays communication through the letter is not that useful according to time form of the letter also has been changed.

It means letter through communication still existed, only letter sending and receiving platform has been changed as per need. If you still don’t know new letter types and their formation structure then this article will be so helpful for you.

Here you are going to introduce some important tips which can be helpful for you to create almost all kinds of letters.

Best Tips for Letter Writing for Students

Best Tips for Letter Writing for Students
Best Tips for Letter Writing for Students

Types of Letter

  1. Handwritten Letter (Formal & Informal)
  2. E-mailed letter

Subtypes of Letter

  1. Promotion Letter
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Appointment Letter
  4. Resignation Letter
  5. Reference Letter
  6. Business Memorandum Letter
  7. Gratitude letters etc…

All of the above subtypes of letters have been included in formal types of letters.

Informal Letter Writing Tips:

Informal letter are generally writing for relatives, Parents, Siblings or friends. Somewhere the overall format and main body of this letter is not that much different from formal letter.

But formation type of this kind of letter looks so different than formal letter, Because writing intention and purpose of this kind of letter is totally different than formal letter.

Below given tips will so helpful for you to create informal type of letter. You have to write informal letter by this way so it will be one of the best informal letter for you.

  1. You can start to write informal letter by providing information like date and place(If essential), Here no need to mention any other extra information.
  2. In informal letter there is no need to do or mention any kind of formalities at the starting like Subject or Reason for letter, Name of Sender, Receiver name and his/her organization name and address etc.
  3. You can start informal letter by words,”Hello”, Hi or can mention directly name of receiver if receiver is your friend or siblings.
  4. You can even use nick name of your friend or siblings in to informal letter.
  5.  Main body of informal letter should be focus over the purpose for what you are writing a letter. Try to add some memorable incidence between you are next person in to letter, Due to that one kind of emotional attachment can be create between sender and receiver.
  6. You can do congratulations or also can offer pleasantries for your friend or siblings if your purpose of letter writing is related with this.
  7.  Make sure your letter writing purpose should be fulfill in to main body of letter, So that in limited words you can express your intention and purpose through letter and it will not boring for next person.
  8.  End of informal should be hopeful, During the end of letter which you are writing for closest person that time appropriate words should be use. In this way bonding between you and next person should be reflect into letter. You can end the letter by words like “Warm Regards”, “Your Dear Friend” , “Your Obedient Son/Daughter” etc..

So by using this kinds tips you can easily create informal letter to send your dearest person.

Formal Letter Writing Tips:

Whenever you need to write a letter to any educational institutions, Employment related office,Administration, Or to any specific company activities concerned person then all of such kinds of letters are included into formal letter.

Below given some tips will so helpful for you to create such types of formal letter.

  1.  Formal letter has a fixed format that means you have to mention date, Receiver details like his/her name, Designation of receiver with his/her official address. Subject should be mention into such kind of letter means your purpose for letter writing should be mention there, Also you should mention your name as a applicant name at the starting or in to main body of letter. All the mentioned points here should be sequence wise at the starting of letter on upper left hand side of letter. Only date you can mention at the upper right hand side of letter or at the end of letter.
  2. Start formal letter by using words “To” on left hand side then mention below that receiver details like his/her name or designation, Official address etc one by one below sequence wise.
  3. After write down all above the information , By leaving some space at below write it as a “Respected Sir/Madam”, Then leave few space at below and start a paragraph sentence for main body.
  4. Now in this way you have to completed essential initial task for formal letter creation. Your subject words in to letter must be clear, neat and appropriate so that next person can get understand your letter writing purpose.
  5. Never explain personal things into formal letter by descriptive way, If its essential then arrange your purpose in short description. Try to manipulate such things by formal way.
  6. Try to explain your letter writing purpose into few but decorative words, side by side if you didn’t provide your details at the starting, then compulsorily mention that in to letter main body. Like, who are you ?and other details etc.
  7. Use humble and polite words in to letter, Keep manners in overall letter formation.
  8. You can write down last sentence of last paragraph like as a”Hopefully i will wait for action or response by your side, Give me you valuable feedback against this letter” etc. End of the letter should be with formal words like ‘Sincerely’, Then mention your name with signature at the bottom left hand side of letter.

By following all above the tips you can easily construct formal letter.

Hope you have understood all the given information in the form of tips, And it will beneficial for you during the time of letter writing. Share this information to your friends and family members. Thanks for being with us, Stay connected..

Letter Writing Quiz

Q. What are the Main Types of Letters?

Ans: Formal Letter and Informal Letter.

Q. To Whom we can write an Informal Letter?

Ans: Parents, Friends, Relatives, Siblings, etc.

Q. Letter from educational institutions is categorized into?

Ans: Formal Letter.

Q. What is the information sequence to write an Informal Letter?

Ans: 1. Date 2. Receiver name/ Mention relation with receiver Like Dear friend/Dear Father/Dear Mother etc 3. The main body of letter 4. End of letter 5. Your Dear Friend/ Your obedient son or daughter and below that your name.

Q. To Whom we can send a formal letter?

Ans: Educational Institutions, Administration, Employment offices, Specific Service providing company/Organization, Banking and Finance Related Institutions, etc.


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