Essay about Abortion for Students & Children

Essay about Abortion

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that can happen to women. Motherhood is like heaven for women. Still, sometimes women have to take steps to kill their own baby before it is born. This dark reality of human society is known as abortion. Abortion involves the removal of a fetus from a women’s uterus before it takes birth. Abortion is intended to end the pregnancy.

Essay about Abortion for Students & Children

Essay about Abortion
Essay about Abortion

Definition of Abortion:

The term abortion is derived from the Latin word ‘abortion’ which means to abort. Abortion must be done in the first six months of pregnancy. Abortion is of two types spontaneous abortion is called miscarriage and induced abortion is called simply abortion they are done purposefully. Abortion is a safe way to end a pregnancy if done by a qualified medical practitioner Abortion can be done in two ways first by taking medicine and second by carrying out surgery. In India abortion are legal it requires the permission from mother, father, and doctors who carry out an abortion.

But why the need for abortion arises neither father nor mother wants to kill their child intentionally. The main reason behind abortion is unwanted pregnancy. People cannot afford to have more than two children, unmarried women, and rapes are the reasons for abortions. Sometimes teenagers don’t have enough sex education which also results in teen pregnancy. People take this dark step of abortion because they think that babies future will be even darker if he comes to life.

There is another side of the story that in countries like India gender discrimination is still prevalent. Every family wants boys as their successors they do not want the girl in their family. People think that boys will earn money for family on the other hand parents have to arrange huge money for dowry in a girl’s marriage Because of this gender discrimination practices of female foeticide in India is common. Female foeticide causes an imbalance in the sex ratio in India. Female foeticide results in less number of females as compared to males. The government of India banned the detection of sex of embryos before birth to stop female foeticide.

There is no second opinion on the fact that abortion is a legal killing of an embryo or fetus. The other side of the story is that abortion leaves a psychological impact on the mind of women. It also damages the reproductive health of women. Hence some people in society say that abortion should be banned. Abortion should be illegal. The fetus is alive. It has every right to live. Some scholars argue that if abortion is banned then chances of becoming pregnant will create at least some fear in minds of people before having unnecessary sex.

My personal opinion is that need for abortion should not arise in the first situation if the need for abortion does not arise then the question of whether abortion is right or wrong is meaningless. For that, we should provide proper sex education to growing boys and girls. On TV and the Internet, we should have censorship. Censorships on TV, Cinema is common but there is no censorship on the internet which is the demand of the time. Because the internet is a global phenomenon we need the collaboration of the entire world to impose restrictions on the internet. The alcohol which triggers unnecessary sex should also be banned. Boys and girls should be given proper knowledge about contraceptives.

In cases like rapes, the woman should decide whether she wants the child or not. The safety of the mother should also be considered before the abortion. To decrease the rate of abortion or I should say to stop abortion we should work together as a society our education system, our police system, and judicial system all must perform their function effectively.

It is said that you have to fight your battle alone. In the same way, women have to fight their battle alone. If we empower the women teach them, do not discriminate against them on the basis of gender, and create a feeling of integration in them that they are proud females in a male-dominated society. Then automatically this dark practice of abortion will stop.

Abortion Quiz Questions

Q. What is abortion?

Ans: The removal of a fetus from a women’s womb before it is born is called abortion.

Q. What is the time limit for safe abortion?

Ans: The abortion must be done in the first 6 months of pregnancy.

Q. What are the two types of abortion?

Ans: Abortion is of two types spontaneous abortion is called miscarriage and induced abortion is called simply abortion.

Q. What are the two ways of carrying out an abortion?

Ans: Abortion is carried out in two ways first surgery and second medication.

Q. Why did the government of India bans the determination of the sex of an embryo in the womb?

Ans: In India, gender discrimination is still present in rural areas no parents want daughters in the house hence killing of female fetuses in mothers’ wombs was practiced on a large scale in India to stop this evil practice government banned the determination of sex of embryo in the womb.


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