Essay on Deforestation in English for Students

Essay on Deforestation

Deforestation means cutting down trees to a large extent for any purpose. The population of the world is continuously increasing. With this increasing population, humans require more land area for residence and agriculture. This results in the cutting down of forests to a large extent and this cutting down of trees to a large extent are called deforestation.

Essay on Deforestation in English for Students

Essay on Deforestation in English for Students
Essay on Deforestation in English for Students

It is said that trees are men’s best friends. Forest is one of the most important natural resources. Man is dependent on the forest for Timbre, medicine, honey, paper, and different type of natural products. But despite all this fact we are cutting down trees because the population is increasing in almost all countries of the world to meet the need for food the forests are cut down to increase agricultural area.

As time passes villages are becoming towns, towns are becoming cities, cities are becoming metro-cities. The residential area is increasing day by day and forest cover is decreasing day by day. In India nowadays most families live as nuclear families. The tradition to live in a joint family is also decreasing in India this is also one of the reasons why the residential area is increasing and the forest area is decreasing.

Deforestation is also done for the reasons like industrialization and mining. With the increase in population people’s demands for the various article also increases. The wise businessmen who want profit at any cost set up their industries away from cities in the forest area which results in deforestation.

The timber industry is also the main reason behind deforestation. The timber mafia illegally cut trees on large scale without taking any permission from the government. These greedy people to earn profit destroy the forest without realizing its disastrous consequences.

The Paper industry uses raw materials made up of wood to manufacture paper. We all use paper almost every day on a large scale. We can hardly imagine our life without paper. But we should also remember that production of paper cause deforestation. We find alternatives to paper made from tree pulp. If we want to stop deforestation due to the paper industry.

Deforestation has all over a negative impact on the environment. Deforestation leads to irregular rainfall, global warming, soil erosion, floods and landslide, and the extinction of rare animal species.

Effect of Deforestation

  1. Irregular rainfall:

Forest maintains a healthy climate on earth and regulates temperature and humidity in the air cutting down forests and disturbs the temperature and humidity of air which results in irregular rainfall. Which in term gives rise to dough and famine.

2. Global warming:

Global warming is the phenomenon in which the average temperature of the earth increases day by day as time passes. Due to the burning of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are released into the earth’s atmosphere. These greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat and increase the earth’s average temperature. Deforestation accelerates global warming because forests are responsible for keeping the earth’s temperature cool if we cut forests obviously it will increase the earth’s temperature even further. Trees during photosynthesis absorb carbon dioxide gas and release oxygen thus maintaining the balance of gases in the earth’s atmosphere. If we cut trees it will increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which will, in turn, increase global warming.

3. Soil Erosion:

Deforestation exposes soils’ top layer to water and air as a result of which soil gets washed away with flowing water and air from one place to another place. This is called soil erosion. Soil erosion decreases the fertility of the soil and degrades the soil.

4. Flood and Landslide:

The dense forest and roots of trees hold the soil together and do not let rainwater flow directly into the river thus preventing flood and landslide

5. Extinction of rare animal species:

Forest is the natural home of animals and birds destruction of forests left them homeless as a result of which they die prematurely which results in the extinction of rare animal species.

Management & Solutions to Deforestation

We can not completely stop Deforestation but we have to manage it. We must formulate some policy to cut forests and we should strictly follow that policy.

The measures which can be taken under forest management are as follow.

  1. We should decide the ratio of cutting trees and plantation of trees in the forest.
  2. Avoid cutting trees when they are in a state of growth.
  3. We should cut branches instead of whole trees.
  4. Forest should be protected by creating wildlife parks and national parks.
  5. We should find other alternatives to wood which is used as fuel and in making furniture.
  6. Educate people by field trips and at the school level about the negative effect of deforestation on ecology.


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