How To Study Smart [SMART STUDY TIPS]

How To Study Smart

Hello friends. Our today’s topic is about the tips for study. Many of us said that “I am getting bored by study.” But if you do not study then, how can you make your future bright?

Do not worry about that. Here we are present to reduce your stress about study. There is no reason to be very serious about it. If you follow the tips given below then you can make your interest in study.

Which are that important tips? To know the answer of this question read the article carefully. Without wasting time lets start the topic.

Smart Study Tips

Importance of study:

We can hardly find anyone who do not knew the importance of study. It is the most important part of our life. It will shape your future. It is essential for personal development in education. One of the most important aspect of studying is to get pass in your classes. It builds your confidence.

Important tips about study

  1. Fix proper time table: Friends, make your own time table for study. Also follow it strictly. Due to this, it will become your habit to study at that time.
  2. Give proper time: It is very important to study at least 4 – 5 hours daily. Depending upon your standard/graduation year/competitive exams you can fix your own timing.
  3. Concentration: It is an essential factor. During study hours, isolate yourself. Make sure that no one can disturb you. Choose the place where there is no noisy atmosphere.
  4. Subjects: First of all, read/practice the subjects in which you are interested. By this method you can increase your concentration.
  5. Reading: Reading is also a skill. Read loudly. It will helps in to recall the topic. Take proper break between any two subjects.
  6. Writing practice: With reading you must practice for writing also. A good handwriting is very important point in the written exam. Many students take much time to solve the exam paper. With writing practice, you can increase your speed.
  7. Make notes: From the books you are using make your own notes in your language. Note making will increase your ability to understand the topic.
  8. Understand the concept: Conceptual study is an effective method. Try to understand the concepts. If you do so then you need not to learn it.
  9. Organize study: Organize what you are study. You can use flow chart, pie charts, tables etc. Stick formulae on the wall where you can see it easily and regularly.
  10. Timing : Try to study in the morning. 5 am to 7 am is the best time to study. But for some students it is timing of school so you can study at 5 pm to 8 pm at evening. Take gaps between the study of 2 subjects.
  11. Guidance: If you got any difficulty the take guidance of your parents or teachers. Clear your all doubts. Proper guidance plays an important role in understanding the topic.
  12. Basic concepts: If your basic concepts related to any subject are clear then it will be helpful to you. If not, then try to solve it first. If you go forward without it, then your confusion may increase.
  13. Avoid wasting your time: Remember students, your time is so valuable. You may hear that, “ Time is Money”. Hence wasting your time is same as to waste your money.
  14. Meditation: Do mediation or yoga. It will help to increase your concentration and reduce stress.
  15. Proper sleep: Take proper sleep of minimum 6 hours. It will fresh your mind as well as body.
  16. Revision: Do continuous reading of what you have read or write previously. Add new information to it everyday.
  17. Ask Questions to yourself: Ask questions to yourself on the topics you have studied. Try to find the answers of these questions. Write this in your notebook in your way.
  18. Imagine the things: When you read, try to imagine the things or events in the reading. Create your visual memory.

So these are important tips about study. Follow these tips. I am sure that it will definitely helps you.

Conclusion :

‘Winners do not do anything different, they do everything differently’. Yes this is very true. So this is the different thing which we have given above. Use these tips and be successful. Before doing anything, make proper planning of it.

So plan your study and lets get started.


1. I do not find time to study. What should I do?

Ans: Yes, this is a common problem for many students. For this, make list of daily work. Find out where you are wasting your time.

2. I am in 12th , how many hours should I study?

Ans: 6 – 7 hours daily.

3. I have completed my 12th. In which stream should I take admission?

Ans: Choose any stream of your interest.

4. How to study history easily?

Ans: By imaging the events in the history, you can better understand it. Make tree charts, pie charts, etc.

5. I am weak in mathematics. What should I do?

Ans: Practice and practice is the only thing you can do.
Learn tables and formulae. It can helps you.


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