Who is the Father of Biology?

Who is Called the Father of Biology

Science has expanded into various types of branches, Among all of the branches, biology is so much interesting branch. It is a combination of zoology and Botany, if you are interested in biology then this article will so helpful for you.

Here you will get to know about a brief history of biology, Inventions, and some achievements in biological science. If you have any kind of questions about biology then that also will be cleared through this informative article.

Sometimes maybe you are unknown or unaware of basic information of biology, like the inventor or father of biology-related research, So such kind of information you will get through this article.

Who is the Father of Biology?

Who is the Father of Biology?
Who is the Father of Biology?

History of Biology

As we all know that there are several types of living beings on earth, And biodiversity is the beauty of this planet. All of these species are different from each other by their lifestyle, structure, and types. Biology deals with the study of botany and zoology where almost all study and research goes on to plants and animals.

In most of the civilizations in the world, proof about the study of plants and animals can be seen easily. Among those civilizations Greek, Roman, Indian(Indus), Egyptian need have to mention especially.

In India, Ayurveda is well famous, and in ancient times medical treatment was in use. So not only human body study was done but also medicated properties containing plants related research was also progressive.

In Greek, Theophrastus wrote books about plants by the name ‘History of Plants’ which was so famous at that time, In botanical history, this book was a great and inspirational contribution by Theophrastus. That is why Theophrastus is well known as a father of botany.

Aristotle was the first person who studied zoology systematically, his zoological related some books are remarkable those names are as per given below.

  • Movements of Animals
  • Parts of Animals
  • Generation of Animals
  • History of Animals.

Aristotle spent his most of time in observations and explanations of zoology. In that observation sea life was also involved, Main living being was into that like octopus, catfish, frogfish, etc.

If tell In other words then Aristotle was the only ancient zoologist who observed and studied most of the mammals, birds, sea life species. Also, he observed and explained their characteristics, Life cycle, Sexual Reproduction, etc.

Aristotle distinguished various types of animals on the basis of blood(Enhaima) and without blood animals (Anhaima). According to that time this was a great contribution by him, that is why Aristotle is well known as a father of Zoology or Father of Biology.

Famous Zoological Inventions and Inventors.

  • DNA – Watson & Crick
  • Bacteria – Leeuwenhoek
  • RNA – Watson & Arthur.
  • Microbes of Malaria – Charles Laveran.
  • Genetic Code – Hargobind Khorana
  • Blood Circulation – William Harvey
  • Sex Hormones – Eugen Stainak
  • Sperm – Humm & Leeuwenhoek.
  • Amoeba – Roesel Von Rosenhof
  • Blood Capillaries – Marcello Malpighi.
  • Cell – Robert Hooke.
  • Contraceptive Pills- Pincus
  • HIV – Luc Montagnier
  • Cholera Bacteria – Robert Koch
  • Carbon Dating – Libby W.F

Famous Botanical Inventions and Inventors.

  • Abu Hanifa ad-Dinawari – Arabic botany founder.
  • Carl Linnaeus – Father of Modern Taxonomy.
  • Gregor Johann Mendel – Research on Pea Plant.
  • Norman E Borlaug – Father of Green Revolution.
  • Barbara McClintock – Genetic structure of Maize Researcher.

Frequently Asked Questions On This Topic – Gk Quiz on This Topic.

  • Biology is divided into two parts?
    Ans: Zoology and Botany.
  • Give the definition of zoology?
    Ans: zoology can be defined as,” It is a branch of biology that studies the members of the animal species and about animal life generally”.
  • Give the definition of Botany?
    Ans: Botany can be defined as, “It is the branch of biology that deals with the study of plants, their biochemical processes including their structure and Properties.
  • Who is the founder of Blood group A, B & O?
    Ans: Carl Land Steiner
  • Who is the founder of Thyroxine Glands?
    Ans: Edward Calvin Kendall.


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