Essay about Poverty in the Philippines for Students

Poverty in the Philippines Essay

The Philippines is a string of over 7100 islands in Southeast Asia. The country lies between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Only one-third of the islands are inhabited.  Based on statistics given by World Bank the poverty rates reduced to 21.6% in 2015 from 26.6% in 2006.

Essay about Poverty in the Philippines for Students in English

Essay about Poverty in the Philippines for Students
Essay about Poverty in the Philippines for Students

Even if the poverty rate decreases every 1 out of 5 people in the Philippines are still below the poverty line. The people who cannot fulfill their basic needs like food, water, clothing, shelter, and education are said to be below the poverty line.

Causes of Poverty in the Philippines

Poverty is a very big problem in the Philippines. There are multiple causes of poverty in the Philippines and poverty affects life in the Philippines in a very adverse way.

One of the main reasons for poverty in the Philippines is corrupt politicians. The greedy people in power only think of themselves. They use their power and utilize government funds for self-interest. They make millions and billions of dollars and poor people who voted for them starve to death. Corruption is also a major reason for poverty in the Philippines.

Citizens of the Philippines are also responsible for poverty in their country. The Philippines is an overpopulated country there is a lack of family planning and no sex education at all. Which results in a tremendous population explosion. It is difficult for any government to satisfy the need of such a large population with limited resources.

Consequently, Poverty increases in the country. The numbers of jobs are constant and the population of the country is increasing day by day which results in more unemployed educated youth this also adds to the poverty of the country.

Reasons for Poverty in the Philippines

On the one hand, the government in the Philippines is not able to create enough government jobs and the standard of education is decreasing rapidly. When a person does not meet the standard required for a government job. He does private jobs here and there and earns less amount of money.

Eventually, the Philippines is a country prone to natural disasters and climate change. Due to sudden climate change or natural disasters the agrarian society of the Philippines has to suffer a lot. Farmers have to face great loss due to climate change if Famer does earn enough money he cannot provide his family basic facilities which add even more trouble to his life and the cycle of poverty continue.

Poverty is the problem of not just one person but the whole country. It slows down the economic progress of the country. It also increases the crime rate when people don’t have their aspirations fulfill they try to steal things. This results in increasing the rate of crime. Poor areas have poor sanitation facilities due to which disease spread easily.

Solutions to Poverty in the Philippines

Poverty is the problem of the whole country, not just one person hence government must take some essential steps to eradicate poverty. Not just government but the citizens of the country should come forward and vote for the right candidate. The leaders of the people should be servants of people, not their boss.

Corruption must be curb by electing an educated and responsible political leader. Who will work with transparency and think of national interest before self?  Citizens of the country must be well educated about family planning and disaster management. If we have to annihilate poverty from Philippine society then good governance and proper education are the two major steps that we have to take.


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