Is Computer Engineering Hard?

Is Computer Engineering Hard?

Computer Engineering is the most demanding branch of Engineering. We can hardly imagine human existence without computers in this 21st century. Computers are pretty amazing machines and the people who manufacture and repair and do research in the field of computers are called computer engineers.

Computer Engineering is a mixture of Computer science and electrical engineering. But how hard is computer engineering to find the answer to this question you have to read this article till last?

Is Computer Engineering Hard?

Computer engineering is hard because of the different maths subjects involved in it and you have to master the different concepts of computer science and electrical engineering apply them to understand the working of computer hardware and software. Computer engineering is one of the most interesting engineering disciplines and remembers the more interesting it is the more harder it gets.

How Hard is Computer Engineering

The engineering student finds engineering difficult regardless of the branch because the syllabus of any engineering discipline is almost the same for the 1st and 2nd years. However, the syllabus varies upon the university, college’s latest technology trend, and many more factors. The first two years prepare fundamental concepts for advanced engineering concepts hence it is the most difficult year for students.

Some of the difficult subject in Computer Engineering courses are as follow.

  1. Calculus I
  2. Calculus II
  3. Calculus III
  4. Differential Equations
  5. Physics I
  6. Physics II
  7. Linear Algebra
  8. Probability and Statistics
  9. Mechanics
  10. Introduction to Algorithms and Programming
  11. Data Structures and Program Design
  12. Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
  13. Electricity and Magnetism

All these courses are pretty difficult specifically Data Structures and Calculus II are famous for their difficulty among students.

Challenging Technical Classes

After completing the fundamental courses you will study more advanced core courses such as system security, operating system, network software, and embedded applications.

Since all the subjects are very theoretical all these subjects are quite difficult.

Moreover, some of these subjects may require students to complete a project which explains their understanding of the difficult subject. As a student of computer engineering, you are expected to have a deep understanding of some topics of digital electronics.

Developing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

As a computer engineer, you should be able to see the bigger size of the picture without missing small things. Computer science and electrical engineering develop your critical thinking. Computer engineering as a subject teaches you to look at problems from a different angle and find out all possible situations.

For example, you are manufacturing a microprocessor cheaply they you have to look at this task from a different angle on how you can increase its processing speed and minimize the heat production due to cheap. You have to do different experiments and analyze their result to achieve the desired task.

Another example could be if you are making a software application then you have to first design a product then code and test it. After testing you have to develop and make services for the maintenance of the product. All these tasks require a high level of critical thinking and they test your problem-solving abilities to the maximum extent.

Mastering Practical Skills and Theoretical Knowledge

Studying Computer Engineering feels like studying two disciplines together with computer science and electrical engineering. If you want to become a computer engineer then you must master both theoretical and practical knowledge of electronics and computer science.
You have to gain theoretical knowledge and apply it will doing your practicals and projects. what, why, and how of every concept must be clear only then you will become a true computer engineer, not just a degree holder.

Is Computer Engineering Harder than Computer Science?

Computer Engineering is slightly difficult than Computer Science but not to a very large extent. Computer Science focuses only on software mainly. But Computer Engineering focuses on software plus hardware. Naturally, there will be more maths courses, additional electrical engineering concepts and practicals based on them you have to study in computer engineering. Hence we can conclude that computer engineering is slightly harder than computer science.

Is Computer Engineering Stressful ?

Computer engineering request a logical approach and technical midset. You should be a deep thinker and must have creative thinking. You must not give up while you encounter a failure. Anybody can handle success but very few can handle failure. All these factors make computer engineering very stressful.

Working as a computer engineer is even more stressful because you have to work with a variety of co-workers with full dedication. You have to complete the project in a limited time and for every failure, you are answerable to your seniors. Sometimes you have to work from home and enhance your skill by taking the different certifications. You have very little time to enjoy yourself with your family. Yes, computer engineering is a stressful job but the truth about stress is that you can not delete stress from life you have to manage it. As a computer engineer, you will face many challenges each day and you should face them with the joy of work, not as a stressful situation.

Can I become Computer Engineer if I am bad at Maths?

No, you cannot become a computer engineer if you are bad at maths. In fact, mathematics is the toughest subject in Computer Engineering. Maths has practical application when it comes to computer Engineering. We can hardly imagine computers and electronics without maths. So you must be good at maths at least average to become a computer engineer.


We all know that Engineering is one of the hardest graduation courses and computer engineering is not an exception. But if students study computer science with interest and curiosity to explore the world of computer technology. If you practice and revise difficult concepts properly then you will find computer science as fun to learn discipline.


Q. What is computer engineering?

Ans: Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that blends computer science and electrical engineering.

Q. Which are some of the hardest subjects in computer engineering?

Ans: Microprocessors, Algorithm, Discrete mathematics are some of the hardest subjects in computer engineering.

Q. Can we become computer engineers without studying maths?

Ans: No we cannot become computer engineers without maths. You must be good at maths to study computer engineering.

Q. What is the duration of the computer engineering course?

Ans: The duration of the computer engineering course is 4 years.

Q. What is the difference between computer engineering and computer science?

Ans: The main difference between computer science and computer engineering is that in computer science you mostly study software and in computer engineering, you study both hardware and software.


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