Report writing on Annual Sports Day

Report writing is an essential part of the English curriculum in schools. At times, in the test, or in the examinations, you might be asked to write a report on some event. Report writing simply means that we are writing elaboratively about some particular event, like some report on Independence Day, Sports Day, or Annual function, etcetera.

Understanding this, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the example reports, which you can consider as inspirations for tailoring your own reports. The topic for reports here is the Annual Sports Day. The Annual Sports Day is an important event in many schools around the world, which happens once a year, on which, the students are engaged in various sports competitions in the school. This is one of the events that the students are very excited about.

For the report, you can start by talking about the date and time of the event in the school. After that, you can mention some of the games that were played in the school, then you can talk about the Chief Guests, and the prize distribution, also about the students who performed well, or about the students who secured good ranks at different school competitions. The following report examples would give you an idea of how can you write a report effectively.

Note: In the reports, all the names of the schools, students, or places, are imaginary wherever used, and any resemblance with these names should be considered a coincidence.

Report writing on Annual Sports Day

Topic: Report on Annual Sports Day

On Saturday of the last week, our school, GyaniPandit Vidyalaya, Mumbai, Organized its 20th Annual Sports Day, “Khel Divas”. The students were very excited about the events and the activities carried out throughout the event. The District Collector was present as the Chief Guest of the event. The whole school, and especially the Ground area was decorated and it was feeling like a festival in school. The parents of all the students were invited to the event.

The sports day event was inaugurated through the flame lighting ceremony, in which, the torch was carried by students who have best performed in the sports competitions at different levels. The sports day began with a March Past all four houses.

After March passed, the students of the different houses competed against each other in various sports. The event included sports like Javelin Throw, 100m Race, 200m Race, Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket, and some others. The thing is that the bigger sports took place in the preceding week. Apart from this, for students from classes 1 to 4, games like Sack Race, and the marble spoon race were organized.

All the houses were awarded points on the basis of performance and several criteria. As the day ended, District Collector and School Principal awarded prizes to the winning individual and declared the winning house as well. In the end, the principal addressed the students and the parents, appreciating the efforts and enthusiasm of all the students towards the event, and congratulated the winning students and the winning house for all their efforts.

Example report 2 – Report Writing on Annual Sports Day in School

Topic: Report on Annual Sports Day in GyaniPandit School.

On 16th January 20XX, GyaniPandit School, Mumbai, organized its 40th Annual Sports Day Event. The day was filled with a lot of excitement, along with thrills, spirit, and cheers. All the students were very excited about the day, and the activities that were going to be carried out throughout the day. The chief guest for the day was a National Hockey Player, Mr. Gyani Pandit. The whole School was decorated, especially the Ground area, making it feel like a festival in the school. The parents of all the students were also invited to the event.

The day started off with the flame lighting ceremony, followed by the march past all four houses (Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow house). Also, the music club of the school performed a song, leveling up the energy in all the participating students.

There were many sports events that were carried out parallelly, which included Javelin throw, Hockey, Cricket, Long Jump, 100m Race, 200m Race, and some others. Also, for children from classes 1 to 4, different games like sack race, and lemon spoon race were organized.

All the houses were awarded points on the basis of their performance and some other parameters. In the end, the Red house stood tall as an overall winner, followed by the Yellow house, which almost rivaled the champion. All were happy at the end of the event, and all the efforts of the students paid off. In the prize distribution ceremony, all the winning students and teams were awarded medals and certificates, and the winning house was awarded the Trophy. In the end, the Principal of the school addressed all the students and their parents, congratulating all the winning students, and appreciating the efforts taken by each student on the day.


Here, we have seen some example reports on Annual Sports Day in the school. The report in the examples is generalized. You can make changes to them, or consider these reports as inspirations for writing your own report. Report writing is an essential part for students when they are learning the English language, and at times, they might require to write a report on some particular event.

Remember that when you are writing some report, you are writing about some particular event, so the report should be up to the point and formally address the event.

FAQ About Report writing on Annual Sports Day

Q: What is report writing?

Ans: We can understand report writing as writing elaboratively about some particular topic or event. It is written for some purpose and audience. In other words, the report can be considered a formal way of writing elaboratively about some topic or event.

Q: What is report writing on Annual Sports day?

Ans: Report writing on annual sports day, means the student is required to write the report on the Annual Sports day event. This report would cover most of the things that took place at the event.

Q: What is important in report writing?

Ans: When you are writing the report, you are required to write elaboratively about some topic or event. Also, you need to remember to maintain a formal tone, since the report has to be formal.


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