How To Improve Your English Quickly

How to Improve Your English

Hello and welcome friends. As you know, here we learn something new everyday. Today also we are going to know about the most important and most discussed topic.

Our today’s article is about ‘How to Improve Your English’. We must to know English. From nursery student up to the old, all needs the knowledge of English. ‘Sorry, Please and Thank you’, these are some words of English, we are familiar with.

How to improve English

How to Improve Your English

We can see English words everywhere. From the small biscuit packets, chips packets, powder box, advertisement flexes everything is covered with English. Each and every sector uses the English language.

So it becomes compulsory to have a little but knowledge about it. In academics we can manage to read English words. But actual problem started when we asked to speak in English.

If you also facing the same problem, then you are at the right place. Today, I am going to solve all your problems related to English.

I am sure that at the end of this article you all can speak English. No need to speak it fluently but you can. Today I will give you full information and some smart tips about to improve your English. So keep reading carefully.

Importance of English speaking

It is very important to speak English in some sectors. School and college students have to speak in English in their oral exam or in viva.

Those who are preparing for competitive exams, have to face an interview at the last stage. If you can not speak in English there, you may be face to rejection.

English is a language of internet, technology, trade, business and the list is so on. It is used worldwide to communicate with each other. Also one of the mostly spoken languages in the world.

It is not easy to learn a new language in just a day or two. Obviously it is a long journey. But, if you practice, you learn something new everyday. It will fun to you.

Do not get so stressed about it. It is not so hard as we think about it. In the start you can face some difficulties, but with regular practice you will overcome it.

How to improve English?

Friends as you read above, it is a language of world. Hence it becomes must to speak in it. By using following means you can improve your English very well. Read it carefully and work on it.

  • Speak more and more in English: In order to improve English, it is very important to speak in it. Do not be shy while speaking.
  • Practice: The second important thing. Practice to speak in English with your friends. If you feel uncomfortable then you can practice in front of mirror.
  • Find new words: Try to find new words from newspapers, books or magazines etc. Use them in speaking.
  • Use dictionary: Those words which are new to you, find their meaning in the dictionary. And use them in the place of regular words.
  • Make a group of friends with similar intention: By doing so you do not get uncomfortable while speaking with them. Also it will helps to gain speed in speaking.
  • Do not get afraid of mistakes: As you are a beginner mistakes are supposed. We can learn from the mistakes. So do not take it in consideration.
  • Do not use difficult words: It is not necessary to use difficult words. Find the similar simple words instead of it.
  • Vocabulary: Improve your vocabulary. Read novels. You can also watch English news channels, movies, travel videos.
  • Use new words everyday.
  • Do not think about the grammatical mistakes or tenses.
  • Be a good listener: It is said that a good listener can speak the words which he/she hear. Listen English speeches, commentaries, stories etc. ‘Listen and Learn’ rule is applicable here.
  • Prepare the sentence in your language first and then convert it in English.
  • Maintain pace: Speaking very fast do not proves that you are fluent. Maintain pace during speaking.
  • Take pause: Take pause between two sentences.
  • Gather your thoughts about what you want to say. Arrange sentences and then speak. As reading and listening is important, conversation in English is also very important.
  • Try to speak in English with your teachers or partners.

So now use above simple points. Make your own plan. Friends, remember one thing, it is must to give some time on it. If you start it and leave after 5-6 days it will not be work.

Smart Tips Improve English

Smart Tips Improve English

  • Read newspapers or English books in laud. This will helps you in the easy pronunciation.
  • Break the difficult and long words in small parts.
  • Use simple and short words.
  • Take part in debate.
  • Chat with people from another country.
  • Do not use unfamiliar words.
  • Arrange sentences in appropriate order.
  • Give speeches in school, colleges or at any program in English.
  • Take the help of google dictionary while reading or listening.

FAQs of Improve English

1. I am practicing since a year, still my English is not improving. Why?
Ans: May be you are not giving proper time to it or do not practice seriously.

2. I want to speak in English. But do not know how to start. Please guide me?
Ans: Start with simple words and sentences.

3. Can I learn to speak English at home?
Ans: Yes. You can learn it. Just lot of practice needed.

4. How can I improve my English quickly ?
Ans : Regular practice, curiosity to learn, watching English movies etc.

5. Is there any mobile app to improve English ?
Ans : Mobile apps like Beelingu, 6000 words, The British Council App, Duolingo are some of the good apps to improve English.


Dear friends, hope now you understand the importance of English language. Start to speak in English as soon as possible. Do not get afraid of anything. Just start.



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